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February 9, 2023

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Love Bug Fingerprint Valentines Cards

Today Baby B and I created these cute "Love BUG" thumbprint Valentine's Day cards. Because what else does one do when the world freezes over and the thought of listening to your kid's musical jumperoo ONE.MORE.TIME. make you want to drive yourself off a cliff?

Can you tell we have a tad bit of cabin fever over here?

Just a weeeeeeee bit.

This was such a simple project to make.

Thumbprint Valentines Materials

I just  started off by creating a few small cards on my computer with the words "happy valentine's day from this little love bug" and printed them off on some plain white card stock.

Writing or stamping your Valentine message would be cool too.

"Happy Valentine's Day from this little love bug" Card

Then after cutting out our cards Baby B went to town stamping away with that little thumb of his (of course I helped considering he's only six months old and as coordinated as a drunk octopus).

I advise having hand wipes near by when working with infants so you can wipe off the ink immediately before they decide to snack on it.

My second piece of advice is to double check and make sure the ink you're using is non-toxic. I'm no expert but I'm thinking poisoning your child is a sure-fire way to be disqualified as "Parent of the Year".

Valentines Day Cards

Using your pen/pencil or marker embellish your little critters with some legs, eyes, antennas, and a tail.

To finish off the cards I added some glitter heart stickers and bakers twine to make little Valentine's balloons.

Thumbprint Valentines Love Bug

See....crafty fun for all ages!

We can't wait to mail these off to Baby B's Valentines. 

Craving more Valentine's ideas? Then don't forget to check out these sweet projects.

 Baby B's DIY "Love Bandit" onesie.

"You Have a Heart of Gold" Valentine Printables

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