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February 3, 2023

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DIY Wedding Gift

I love the idea of giving newlyweds a wedding gift that is unique, personal, and something you hope they’ll cherish a lot longer than their Dyson vacuum cleaner! One of my co-workers/friends got married last weekend and I wanted to make something extra special for and her new hubz.  I remembered awhile back there was this really clever piece of wall art from Minimoz floating around the blogosphere.  I was definitely inspired and came up with this………

Want to make one of your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY 3D Craft Heart Accents {I found mine at Michael’s in the wall decal section.  Small wooden shaped hearts would work well too.}

Mod Podge Gloss



1 Sheet of colored cardstock {for your matte}

1 Sheet of colored paper {for your wording}

Craft glue

Picture frame {mine was an 8 x10}

Old Atlas or print off maps on Google

Heart accent or template

To begin, using your heart accent or template, trace and cut out three hearts from your maps.  Focusing on cities that are sentimental to the couple. For example, I centered my hearts around the cities in which my friend and her hubby first met, got married, and where they just bought their first home.

Take your sponge and start applying Mod Podge Gloss to the front of your 3D heart accents.  Place your cut out heart shaped maps on top. Cover your maps with Modge Podge as well. The adhesive will dry clear.

Once your hearts are dry, you will want to center and adhere them to the front of your cardstock with either glue or adhesive foam squares.  Then print or write out your heart titles on some colored paper.  Trim around your titles and glue to your artwork.  Remove the glass from your picture frame, insert your artwork, replace the backing and your done! Easy peasy, right?

Wedding Gift
Love Map Wall Art

What was the most memorable wedding gift you received?

PS. Happy Halloween

PPS. How many of you are looking forward to the candy that's left over like me?! Horrible....I know.

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