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January 30, 2023

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Me: In 30 words or less

A few days ago my pal Sarah of the Simply Dove blog shared a fun little "list post" describing herself in 30 words or less.  To help spread the love she thought it would be fun to tag a few bloggers who may want to particpate & yipee I got tagged which is pretty amazeballs considering I find it refreshing to share with y'all something other than a craft tutorial every once in awhile!

And I'm just going to come clean & tell you up front...... I was never very good at math but I'm quite certain there is more than 30 words.

1. Female {just incase I haven't stated the obvious yet I wanted to get that clear from the very   beginning.}

2. Creative

3. Goofy

4. Sarcastic {which if I may add is an awesome quality to have because you can use it to cover up disgruntleness for those really annoying people in your life & they are none the wiser.}

5. Independent

6. Dog Lover {that's one word, right?}

7. Busy

8. Clumsy {I can't come near a door frame or table with out hitting it with my hip, stubbing a toe, or knocking it with my elbow....or perhaps at times I do all three at once}

9. Blogger

10.Carb-a-holic {blame on #15}


12. Bookworm {when the phrase "free time" existed in my life}

13. Hoarder {of magazines not of cats or anything}

14. Procrasinator

15. Italian {this has been confirmed in the past year with the sudden onset of always wanting to use my hands when I talk which has resulted in a lot of spilled glasses at restaurants, food flung across rooms, & blank stares from the hubby}

16. Shorty

17. Entrepreneur {I still feel silly calling myself that!}

18. Stubborn {oh boy do I hear this word alot in my house}

19. Crafty

20. Cautious {some may call it paranoid}

21. Ambitious {in certain parts of my life}

22. Jaded {at times}

23. Compassionate

24. Sleepwalker or just plain crazy 

25. Guarded

26. Indecisive {I annoy myself with this.}

27. Hard- working

28. Humble

29. Caring

30. Delightful {Of course! Except in the morning, that time of the month, if you're driving slow in front of me, if I'm hungry, if I'm sleep-deprived, if I'm that leaves what? Delightfulness in my sleep, well, no number #24 debunks that. Hmmmmm......maybe I need a new #30?)

So my question for you! If you were to sum yourself up in just ONE word what word would that be?

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