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February 16, 2023

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MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas | Delightfully Noted

I am a woman of my word. I promised earlier in the week that I would share more details about Little B's 2nd birthday party and here I am making good on that promise.

I love the idea of creating a unique party theme and tailoring it to a kid's interest, similar to the Doxie Puppy Party we threw last year. Some of you may recall back in May I shared the 

inspiration for this year's theme; a Moon & Star party.

 I planned this celebration literally a week and half before the celebration.

 All I have to say is thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

So before I inundate you with pics let me share that I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to photograph everything and some of the pics I did snap aren't of great quality. About thirty minutes before go-time the radar took a sharp turn and the forecast suddenly went from "sunny and dry" to " Take cover! Storms are on their way!" Did I mention this was a cookout? We had already set up all of the tables and decor outside so we had to quickly accommodate  and had to tear down most of the stuff outside and move it to inside the house (insert my mini-pre-party-meltdown to my mama). In the end, we only ended up getting a light sprinkle for a few minutes. 

Yeah, I guess you can say I'm still bitter about that.

So enough of my whining, here are all the details from my little guy's BIG day!

Sources at the end of this post

I always have fun creating invitations for my loved ones.

The party's color combo was inspired by this invitation that I saw over on Pinterest.

Moon Star Party Invitation Blog

Moon & Star Birthday Invitations

Despite the limited planning time (thanks to my own procrastination), I'm so glad I set aside an hour to make this DIY Marquee Moon Sign (tutorial coming soon EDITED: You can now see the tutorial here!) because it ended up being one of my party favorites!

Even if Little B disgustingly told me it didn't look like a moon! #darnkids

MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted

Moon & Star Birthday Decorations

MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted

Moon & Star Party Decorations

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the black vinyl stars.

I think they really helped dress up the marquee sign.

Kid's Birthday Party Decorations

Kid's Birthday Party Decorations

Do you notice a cupcake missing?

Star and Moon Theme for Birthday

Star and Moon Theme for Birthday

Speaking of cupcakes, I learned that if you really want to impress your guests feed their kiddos black-dyed iced cupcakes. They'll love you for it. Wink, wink. I loved it too. It got EVERYWHERE. 

I don't have close-up of them but on top of the cupcakes I sprinkled these sparkling silver edible stars.

They looked pretty on top of the parent-approved black icing.

Sparkling silver edible stars.

The cake was ordered from a local grocery store and I just had them do a simple layer of grey icing (in honor of the moon) and then I decorated it with cake toppers. I made the star shaped ones on my Silhouette.

Sparkly stars were from the Dollar Store

These sparkly stars were from the Dollar Store and I used them as centerpieces through out the house and at the guests tables (that I don't have any pics of!)

Star Center pieces.

Moon and Star party decor

So the good news is once the "storm" rolled through, we were able to get back outside.

As you saw on Monday, that's where I had Tipsy Tina set up at

Potting Bench Decor

Potting bench party serving station

I used some fabric scraps from the playroom gingham curtains to use as a table runner.

This is where I also displayed a few other party decor items and party favors, like the light-up star headbands I found at Target. That was the awesome part about picking this theme and B's party being so close to the Fourth of July; LOTS of star stuff at the stores!

Moon Star Party Favor

Kid's moon and star party

MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted
MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted
MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted

We also had moon pies!

Have you ever had one of these? They were popular back in the 60's and 70's.

Despite my hubby's predictions, the moon pies were a hit!

I saw them a few months ago at World Market and practically squealed. 

I mean how perfect were they for our "Moon and Star" party?

Of course, when I went back to get them they were gone but you can still find them on Amazon!

MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted
Potting Bench Decor
MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted

In case the cake, cupcakes, and Moon Pies didn't provide enough of a sugar high, we also rented a sno cone machine (did I mention parents really love me?)

MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted
MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted
Bryce 2nd Bday

The best part was how much fun Little B had playing with his friends and family!

He's such a fun, silly, little stinker that has brought so much joy to our lives.

It feels like just yesterday I was sharing I was pregnant!

I'm sorry, I think a bug just flew into my eye................

MOON & STAR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY: Decor Ideas| Delightfully Noted

So I hope you loved the party details! I had a ton of  other cute ideas on my list but in order to save my sanity (and the well-being of my loved ones) I seriously downsized my imagination this year! You can check out my inspiration "Moon and Star" pinterest board here.

Party Supplies and Links

Party City-Star Balloons, Cupcake Tier Trey, Party Plates, Silver Cupcake Liners 

Amazon- Black and White Stripe TableclothEdible StarsMoon Pies Black Paper Star Lanterns

Dollar Store- White Star Plates (moon pies) and Silver Star Centerpieces

Target- Yellow Star Napkins, Plastic Star Headbands
DIY Marquee Sign-instructions here

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