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February 9, 2023

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I realize it appears as though I am always having fun crafting away but believe it or I do work & clean sometimes. Okay, so maybe the cleaning part is a little stretch of the imagination & I admit as of lately the working on my shop part probably is too. I go through these periods of creative lulls with my invitations & stationery & I admit ever since my surgery I've had a difficult time finding that creative spark again.

Of course, as always I am forever grateful for my customers because all it takes is for one of them to come along & kick my bootay back into gear. Ya know, get those creative juices flowing again!

That was the case with this recent custom order I did for an acquaintance from my high school days {by the way if you run an Etsy shop or small biz & do not have a Facebook account yet for your business you really are missing out on a tremendous free marketing tool! Same goes for you bloggers.}

Anywho, this mama is raising a beautiful set of twin girls & was looking for some fairy themed invitations.

After a little brainstorming I was able kick my the creative roadblock over & come up with a fun & charming invitation perfect for her little birthday fairies.

Which leads me into introducing to you the newest kids on the block.

 These fairy invites are now available in the shop!

You want to know the best part? Customers can pick a hair & eye color to create a design to resemble their little fairy princess. I mean what mother doesn't like that?

fairy hair

You can check out all the details here.

So like I said I do work "sometimes".

Are you planning a birthday party any time soon? What themes are your kids into lately?

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