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February 5, 2023

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Styrofoam Wreath Ring

Until a few months ago, door wreaths weren’t really “my thang”, unless it was a holiday. What changed? I started to see tons and tons of inspiration through out the blog world and realized with a little creativity wreaths can be cool and hip too!  Now my door feels nekked with out one. Today I am sharing a simple tutorial on this wreath I threw together at the beginning of summer. I’m thinking the colors can even transition well into Fall!


Styrofoam Wreath Ring


Colored or Patterned Fabric

Glue Gun


Berry Wreath Twigs {craft stores}       

Berry Wreath Twigs {craft stores}

First, take your scissors and start cutting strips of burlap. Width and length can vary. 

Styrofoam underneath

Once all your burlap is cut start wrapping and adhering the strips to your styrofoam wreath with your glue gun. You’ll want the strips to overlap slightly in order to cover the Styrofoam underneath.

burlap wine bag tutorial

After you finish covering your whole wreath it is time for my favorite part; rolled fabric flowers. If you’ve never made these gems before you’ll want to check out my burlap wine bag tutorial where you can view a step-by-step video from Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts. Once your flowers are rolled take your glue gun and adhere them to your wreath. I set mine off slightly to the side for a little pizzazz {I really just wanted to use the word pizzazz, it seems a little underused doesn’t it?}

flowers are rolled

Now for the final step! Take your berry adorned wreath twig and start wrapping around the wreath. I spaced my twigs out and adhered them here and there with some hot glue.

Styrofoam Wreath Ring

All you have to left to do now is to hang your lovely piece of awesomeness. I promise it will make all your neighbor’s doors jealous.

door wreaths

{By the way, apparently, taking pictures of your front door warrants strange looks from your neighbors driving by. Taking pictures of your front door in your pjs at 3:oopm in the afternoon warrants strange looks plus perhaps a call or two to the police. I'm just saying…..}

What’s hanging around your door?

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