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January 29, 2023

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Farmhouse inspired Valentine's Day decor! Make these simple no-sew fabric hearts.

$162. That was the average amount consumers spent on Valentine's Day gifts last year. I can tell you right now I was not one of those consumers! Ha! I think I spend an average of $15 total every year. My hubby and I exchange cards and I gift a book or box of candy to the kiddos. 

The same goes for decor, I gave up decorating for this holiday years ago. I have one small grapevine heart wreath that I put up and that's about it, folks!

Meh. Sorry, Valentine's Day, I'm just not that into you. the awkward part when you see today's post is kind of Valentine-y.  I'm hopping on to share these little no-sew fabric hearts I made the other day. You see a few weeks ago I was scrolling Instagram and came across these adorable drop-cloth hearts that Jessica of @reefrainaria shared. I think I fell for them because they don't scream Valentine's Day, can be used year-round (who doesn't love the symbol of love?), and are farmhousey-ish. So despite not really aiming to decorate for this holiday, I still sat down during nap time the other day and whipped up a few of these fun hearts.

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Aren't they sweet? And double brownie points for being no-sew!

(Shhh....I still haven't learn how to sew on that sewing machine that I begged my hubby for 3 years ago. You know the one he said would just sit in closet and is currently just sitting in a closet?)

Farmhouse valentine's day decor

I didn't take any progress pics of me making them, but really they're so simple to put together!

Grab yourself some fabric (similar ticking stripe fabric here), trace and cut out some hearts, hot glue 2 of the hearts together leaving a small opening (fabric glue would work too), and then stuff. After that seal it up and you're done! 

PS. Take note that a bag of Halloween spider webs that have been sitting around on

 your garage floor for months works just as well as pillow filling! Cheaper too! Jessica used cotton balls. Gotta be innovative sometimes!

DIY Valentines Decor

One of the reasons why I love farmhouse-style decor is because the more imperfect an item is the better! The same goes for these fabric hearts, don't sweat it if the ends of the fabric are jagged or your design isn't exactly a perfectly-shaped heart!

So there you go, short and sweet! Hope you guys are having a great week!

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