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February 12, 2023

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Last summer I shared baby girl's nursery, so I figured it was high time I shared her closet and how I organized it (or at least part of it, since I'm still figuring some of it out!)

When I was pregnant with our first, I remember being overwhelmed with how to organize all the baby necessities. The bibs, the diapers, burp cloths, wipes, their itty bitty clothes and their mouse-size shoes ( First time mom right there!); there was just SO MUCH stuff! Eventually, I figured out a system for Little B's closet and dresser that still continues to serve us well today, even though it's been slightly altered since we now live in a different house. 

When it came to this nursery, I was all for not having to reinvent the wheel, especially after suffering from morning sickness for seven long months. So I took the easy way out, and pretty much cloned his closet.

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Hands down, the most useful thing we incorporated in Little B's closet was a cubed organizer.  For a baby's room, it was the perfect solution to storing burp cloths, crib sheets, blankets, and baby toys. Nowadays we use it to organize his overflowing book collection and random toys. So I immediately knew I wanted one for baby girl's closet too.

Both of our cubed organizers are from Target (although I was super lucky to score Little B's brand new at Goodwill!) I find the 9 cubbie ones work best and provide ample amount of storage, even in small spaces. FYI-there's a full source list at the end of this post.

Baby Closet Organization Ideas for the Nursery

I used these fabric bins (in chevron light pink) in four of the cubbies to store a variety of things (burp cloths, crib sheets, etc...) The gingham bucket was a thrift store find and the basket on top I got years ago from Target. Right now I'm using it for hats and baby bonnets.

At the top of the closet, I use the cute striped bins for organizing diapers and baby wipes (extra boxes to the side). 

Baby Closet Organization Ideas

We've always been a plastic hanger type of family but I've heard great things about velvet hangers and decided to give them a try and I have to say I've been converted! I used these kid's beige velvet hangers and not only does the decor OCD side of me love that they coordinate with her closet colors (because that's important ya know!) but they really do help maximize your closet space. They are too big for tiny, newborn size clothes and some three month old sizes, but 6 months and up they work perfect and should follow her all through elementary school.

Anything that is a complete set, dress, or coat/sweatshirt gets hung. And then random onesies, pants, pajamas, (and anything too small to hang) goes folded into her dresser/changing table.

Baby Closet Organization Ideas

The second most useful thing I found when we did Little B's closet, was to use clothing dividers. These are a godsend if your hubby is ever in charge of dressing your kid! I thought these polka dot ones were sweet and girly.

6 Month Baby Closet Organization
Baby Closet Organization Ideas for the Nursery

So there you have it, the most organized space in our house right now!

I'm still working out the left side of the closet but currently it's where I stored our baby carrier, clothes 12 months and up, hamper, and a few other random things. I wanted to use this space for a while to see what may work best for us and our needs before finishing up the rest of the closet. You would think by 8 months I would have it figured out but Rome wasn't built in a day my friends, or apparently in 8 months either, so stay tuned!

Source List

Light Chevron Fabric Bins-Amazon

Striped Pink Fabric Bin-Target

9-cube Organizer Shelf- Target

Pink Polka Dot Baby Clothing Dividers- Amazon

Kid's Velvet Hangers-Amazon

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