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February 8, 2023

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Potting Bench Turned Serving Station Ideas For Outside Entertaining

Happy post-fourth of July, friends. I hope you had a safe and relaxing weekend.

I managed to only be whacked in the head once by baseball sized firework shrapnel.

Don't be alarmed though (because no one else seemed to be), I survived.

Good thing because I have this massive beast of a potting bench that needs my attention.

One of the things I sort of love about our new neighborhood is the community sales page they have on Facebook. 99.9% of the stuff being sold on it is junk (right now there's a large rubber rat for sale, if anyone's interested) but .1% of the time you can find some "gems"on for example, Tipsy Tina here.

Some of you may have noticed by now that I like to name my second-hand furniture.

(i.e. remember Pearl?) The hubby actually came up with Tina's name, but it's fitting because she's lopsided thanks to some rotting legs (which we were unaware of until we rescued it from the mud at it's previous owner's home).

Furniture Makeover

She's a heavy girl.....custom built by the owner's uncle. Despite her decaying limbs I thought she had some great potential.......for parties!

Potting Bench Ideas for Outdoor Entertainment & Parties

Yes, I know.....I see a potting bench and I immediately think "Ooh, party potential".

With Little B's birthday falling in July, I tend to gravitate towards throwing outdoor parties (well, at least I have for the short two years that he has graced this Earth with his presence) and I love the idea of having a piece of furniture outside to serve as an entertaining piece. A potting bench can make for a great bar, serving station, or a place to store supplies for your soiree (think eating utensils and napkins).

Stay tuned to for Tipsy Tina's Transformation! In the mean time, here is a round-up of some of my favorite potting bench entertainment ideas:

A Lexington Look for Summer


Outdoor Landscaping Decor


Canal Cottage Cocktail


A “Hello to Summer” Garden Gathering: The Party Plan


Gardening Birthday Party


Use a Potting Bench as a Serving Station


Tikie Party Pottery Bench


Outdoor Living Ideas & DIY Projects


Tiny Canal Cottage Cocktail Party


Ooh, I hadn't even thought about Tina's potential for Fall decor until my eyes landed on this pretty sight!

Fall Drink Bar


So many lovely options!

I'll be busy this week finishing up final details for Little B's 2nd birthday and of course, taking care of Tipsy Tina but in the mean time, make sure to get your voting fingers ready because the Mystery Box Challenge reveals start next week. Yahoo! I can barely contain myself!

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