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February 1, 2023

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Blog Multi Purple Green Holiday Address Wrap

Here you go pretties! Printable wrap around address labels for those of us who are fashionably late on getting our holiday cards out. I created these to use for my own personal greeting cards and figured since it's the season of giving why not share them with you?

If you haven't noticed I am feeling quite generous this week so I suggest taking advantage of this freebie because after the New Year I expect to be compensated for all my printables.  Payment will be required in the form of Pinot & miniature daschunds. Kidding. About the doxie part that is. Wine is always welcomed.

Download your free labels here. You can print on label paper or regular computer paper & use double sided tape to adhere them to your envelopes.

Each label measures 8 x 2 & can be used for multiple sized envelopes.  If you aren’t familiar with how wrap around address labels work you can 

view examples from these Etsy sellers.

As always, I love to hear if you get use out of 

my printables! So don't be shy. 

How many of you haven't mailed your holiday cards yet?

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