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February 9, 2023

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Lovely Vintage Botanical Clip Board Wall Art.

I always seem to get hit with the creative bug any time B goes down for his nap. Unfortunately, I can't always act upon it because I usually have loads of laundry or other boring adult responsibilities to tend to. However, this weekend I allowed myself to succumb to it and spent nap time playing in my craft room. 

One of the things I created (and the word "created" is REALLY exaggerating my role in this project) was some lovely Vintage Botanical Clip Board Wall Art.

Cheap, simple, quick and beautiful; my four favorite things about this project!

I picked up the clip boards on major discount a few weeks ago from Michaels.

They were 80% off and they were running one of their 20% off sale item coupons that day as well.

To break it down, I could have bought like 10 of them for the price of a Starbucks.

I think I scored a set of them for just a little over a buck. 

Originally, I thought I would use them to hang coupons--how boring, I know!

Clip boards

Thankfully, I had a light-bulb moment last week while scouring the web for botanical art prints for a potential entry way project. Why not hang some pretty images on the clip boards? 

And just like that, these clip boards were saved from a sad, pitiful life of coupon hoarding!

Where to Find Free & Inexpensive Vintage Images for Low Cost Wall Art
Free & Inexpensive Vintage Images for Low Cost Wall Art

Want to know the super, duper best part of this?

The art was free! Yes, free as in no cost, zero dollars, nothing, nada.

How fabulous is that?

Vintage Images for Low Cost Wall Art

I love vintage art, but sometimes it can be pricey. 

So for those of you, who are like me, and don't particularly like paying out of your hiney for home decor, here's where you can find free and inexpensive vintage images to create beautiful low cost wall art.

Vintage Images

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Seriously, this is the motherload of all things vintage when it comes to images. This online catalog on Flickr houses over 99,000 high-resolution images, just waiting to be printed off and hung on your wall.

Did you hear me? I said 99,000! 

 This is ultimately one of my favorite free online resources and I check it out quite often (though I have yet to ever make it through all of them!) It's actually where I got the butterfly prints for the art I shared to today.

I used my own printer, but you could always save your image to a jump drive and have your local photo  store print you off a copy.

Low Cost Vintage Art
Inexpensive Butterfly Images


From butterflies to old seed catalogs, there are SO many different categories to check out.

I've got some ideas up my sleeve for Halloween that involves these bad buys.

Halloween Ideas


The Graphics Fairy

The Graphics Fairy, ran by the generous Karen, is a well-known resource for both crafters and DIYers.

This site boast over 4,000 free images. Isn't this pineapple image sweet (no pun intended)?


I always tend to find myself hanging out over on the TGF around the holidays.

I just love the vintage Christmas images that are up for grabs!

These resources aren't just for wall art either! Many moons ago, Toni from The Gunny Sack shared some beautiful holiday dish towels here on the DN. She used free images from The Graphics Fairy as well!

Chirstmas Polka

Botany Boy

Botany Boy isn't free but they sell over 700 digitally cleaned vintage illustrations. I'm especially fond of their poster prints, but the postcards would be great for small style art too.

Inexpensive vintage images! 


So those are handful of my favorite resources for free and inexpensive vintage images! 

Further proof that your house can be stylish without spending a lot of money.

Plus, I just gave you over 100,000 + reasons to avoid the laundry now! Your welcome.

Clipboard Art

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