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February 5, 2023

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Thanksgiving Bouquet Fabric Flowers

A few weeks ago while wandering the aisles of Target I saw these fabric bouquets.
Plaid is the epitome of fall if you ask me.
It just gives you that warm cozy feeling doesn't it?
Kind of like when you get a little too close to the fire.


Now I have to admit the DIY dork inside me was a little taken aback by the thirteen dollar price tag.
AND that was their clearance price.
I mean after all they were simply cans wrapped in flannel along with flowers that could easily be made out of fabric scraps. Pity the poor fool who paid full price for these things! Oh, the tragedy!

Anyways, you guessed it. I decided to come home and make my very own version of the plaid bouquet.

Supplies Needed
Empty food or soup can {I used a tea can}
Plaid material to wrap the can
Styrofoam floral ball or square cube
A mix of fabric and felt scraps for the flowers
Bead, pearls for the flower buds {optional}
Glue gun

First, I measured out the amount of plaid material I would need in order to wrap and cover my can.
You can pretty much just eyeball it but make sure to cut a little extra for overlap on the top and bottom of the material.

Plaid material to wrap the can

Then I wrapped and glued the flannel material around my tin can.
Make sure to have your two side ends meet in the back of your tin so your seam will be hidden.
As for the extra material on top I just simply folded it and
 glued it down into the inside of the can.

wrapped and glued the flannel material around my tin can

Now it's time make the flowers.
There are a trillion {yes, I counted} ways to make fabric flowers.
Simply Google it and you will find ways to create roses, tulips, cherry blossoms, and any other
flower that floats your boat.

For my bouquet I just followed the different tutorials from this project
 over at the Creative Jewish Mom blog. Once my buds were created I placed my styrofoam floral ball inside my can and then started adhering my flower heads to it with some more hot glue.
Then I cut two pieces of coordinating ribbon and glued it around the top of the can.
I think it helps dress up the plaid material a little bit.
Adding a bow could be cute too.

Fall Bouquet2

As a final touch I had some beads laying around so I glued one in the center of my blue flower.
I've seen some faux fabric bouquets with pearls in the center of each flower and it looks gorgeous but I decided to stick with just one measly ol' bead.


I think these plaid bouquets would make for some lovely table
decor for Thanksgiving, don't ya think?

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