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February 3, 2023

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The Suzy Homemaker Chronicles

P-A-R-T-A-Y!! Our spooky soiree was a success. We ate, drank, laughed, and I pretended to clean house all night. No really....... I only play a good housewife for Halloween soooooo does anyone  want to come help me come clean up the after-party mess?

Anyone? Bueller?.... Bueller?..... Bueller?....

As some of you know I've been working on the details of this party for a few weeks now.

I had a fun time challenging myself to use mostly items I already had or goodies that I picked up from the Dollar Store or dollar bin sections at alot of my favorite stores.

Now for a little photo confetti explosion.

Halloween Spider
Happy Halloween!!!
Halloween Treats
Halloween Party
Party decoration ideas
Dining table with Halloween decor

  I set up a little photoshoot area by taping up some wrapping paper on the wall that was left over from the back drop of my dessert table.

The pattern just POPS in all our pictures perfectly.

And apparently being a clutz with the glass in picture frames paid off because we were able to use this frame as a fun prop.

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