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January 30, 2023

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Paper holder gift

About two weekends ago I came down with a miserable cold and somehow in the midst of my cloudy and Sudafed intoxicated thoughts I had a light bulb moment when pulling what felt like the five hundredth tissue from the Kleenex box.  So there you have it, this note paper holder gift idea {Whew! That's a mouthful!} was born out of germs and decongestants.


Empty tissue box

X-acto knife


Fabric {I used the $1.00 fabric quarters from Joann’s Fabric}

Glue gun or fabric glue

Sheets of white paper

Pencil for tracing


Pen or pencil for gift giving {looks best when it matches your fabric!}


Matching Flower embellishment

Tissue box craft

To get started you will want to take your X-acto knife and cut your tissue box in half horizontally.

Tissue box

Once your box is cut, take your fabric and place it pattern side down.  Grab your sliced tissue box and set it on top of the fabric at one of the corners. Trace around the bottom of the box with your pencil. Cut out the traced shape with your scissors.

Trace around the bottom.

Adhere your fabric square with some fabric or hot glue to the bottom of your tissue box.

Tissue box

In this next step you will want to cover your whole box with the rest of your fabric. I can't say that there was any ryhme or reason on how I did this.  I played around with a few ways to cover the box and I would say the best solution was to cut strips the width of the inside and outside of your box and then wrap the strips around adhering with glue.  You may find a different system that works better for you.

Wrap the strips around adhering with glue

In order to hide the ugly and frayed edges of the fabric inside my box I glued a strip of ribbon over them.

Box measured 4.5 x 4.5

Now that your box is all covered and ready to be filled take you ruler and measure the width and length of the tissue box.  These measurements are what you will want go by when cutting your paper. My box measured 4.5 x 4.5 but in order for them to fit inside I cut the paper slightly smaller {4.25 x 4.25}. 

 Here’s another little tip! If you don’t want to cut a lot of paper in order to fill your WHOLE box I recommend bunching up a piece of tissue paper or placing some other gift bag filler in the base of your box. You can place your cut paper on top of the filler and then that way you don’t have to worry about filling the whole box. That sure can be a lot of cutting!

Flower embellishment

Yay! Now your box is filled and it is time to add a few more pretty details. Take your ribbon and wrap a bow or knot on top of your box; turn the box and repeat on the other side. Add your pretty pen or pencil by sliding it through one of your ribbon knots. And then to finish your little gift off add your flower embellishment. My flower was a barrette so I just clipped it to the ribbon on top of the pen.  If your's does not have a clip then you can just attach it with some glue.

Note paper holders

These note paper holders are the  perfect gift for teachers and hostesses, and you can really change them up with different fabric and embellishments. A little creation thanks to my miserable cold!

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