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February 11, 2023

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How To Decorate With This Fall's "It" Color Turmeric!

The temps are starting to drop, which could only mean one thing.....fall is near! And as much as I hate to say good-bye to summer, I admit that thoughts of autumn decor have started to creep into my cranium. Lately while perusing the world wide web for a few fall wardrobe staples, I started to notice there was one particular color I can't stop obsessing over; turmeric! 

Yes, you read that right! This ginger, golden yellowish, orangeish color seems to be everywhere lately.  I'm not usually one who gravitates to yellows but this color has really swept me off my feet. And although most of us to tend to associate the turmeric spice with curry (yum!), it makes perfect sense for fall decor considering it's a shade that dominates nature during the Autumn season (thank you leaves!)

Today I thought it would be fun to share all of the beautiful turmeric-colored decor that has caught my eye. Remember sometimes just adding a touch or two of that season's color to your decor is all you need to welcome fall into your home! 

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Veronica Turmeric Rug | Fall Berry Candle Ring | Tumeric Tonic Candle | Pumpkin Shaped Soup Bowls | Pumpkin Spice Plaid Dish Cloths | Jamaican Yellow Vase by Drew Barrymore | Dahlia & Mum Fall Arrangement | Grey Buffalo Check Fall Pillow | Stonewashed Chenille Throw Pillow

One of my favorite things about the color turmeric is that it's versatile and pairs well with so many other shades. Of course, I'm loving it partnered up with blues (I mean could that rug up there be any more beautiful?!), but it also plays nicely with browns, greys, mint or hunter green, cranberry reds, and of course, creams, for you neutral-loving folks.

Turmeric Colored Throw Blankets

Turmeric Colored Throw Blankets

Woven Throw Blanket | Ginger Yellow Cable Knit Throw

Updating your pillows and throws is always the best way to decorate for a new season with out breaking the bank. I love this yellow pillow combo below and what a great price!

Fall Yellow Plaid Throw Pillows

Fall Yellow Plaid Throw Pillow Set

Turmeric Colored Throw Pillows

Patterned Cushion Color | Chenille Turmeric Pillow | Grey Plaid Grateful Pillow | Embroidered Floral Pillow

I saw this table runner last week when I ran into Joann's and am eyeing it for my own fall decor.
But I love the sunflower one too! Which one is your favorite?

Pumpkin Spice Plaid Table Runner

Autumn Plaid Table Runner

Golden Yellow Sunflower Table Runner

Fall Sunflower Table Runner

Hosting a fall get-together or looking for tablescape inspiration? I can't stop swooning over this page in the new Pier 1 Catalog! Mind you the whole catalog was FULL of yellow and turmeric hues. Excuse my poor quality phone pic but you can find the golden yellow dish set here and the adorable sketch pumpkin dishware here. The runner is gorgeous too!

Fall tablescape with blacks whites and yellows

Here's some more budget-friendly tableware incorporating the beautiful, spicy color. Bonus tip: When your searching online for turmeric-colored decor make sure to switch up your search terms. Not every retailer will label their stuff with the word "turmeric". Golden yellow, ginger yellow, and even pumpkin spice were terms that I saw a lot of these items labeled under.

Turmeric Fall Tableware

Pumpkin Spice Buffalo Check Napkins | Fall Floral Arrangement | Pumpkin Shaped Soup Bowl | Turmeric Tonic Candle | Yellow Fall Plaid Napkins | Mustard Yellow Dinnerware

Also, I don't think I have loved a paper napkin as much as these! I can't get enough of them!

Sunflower Paper Napkins

Sunflower Paper Napkins

And nothing screams fall more than pumpkins, right? Look at these handmade gems! Loving the leather leaves on them.

Honey yellow linen pumpkins

Handmade Linen Yellow Pumpkins

I can't wait to see more of this rich color as the season progresses! What's your thoughts? Are you excited for fall?

Oh, and just for fun, remember at the beginning when I said I couldn't get enough of this color for a fall wardrobe?  Here's 2 pieces I recently picked up; both great for transitioning from summer to fall! I've also got my eye on this cozy gem and this pretty basic top with a lovely twist (love that back!) . OH! And this too (see I told you I can't stop with this color!)

Turmeric Women's Shirts

Ruffle Turmeric Tiered Women's Top | Gold Yellow V-Neck Tee

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