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February 1, 2023

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Love how these white Windsor style chairs added farmhouse charm to this kitchen eat in!

So we made some major progress in our kitchen eat-in area a few weeks ago and I have to say it's all thanks to breastfeeding. Let me tell you, sitting around all day staring at your house while cluster feeding a newborn can do some crazy things to you. In my case, I became obsessed with our unfinished house projects. Tasks that were stalled due to my severe case of "indecisiveness" suddenly started to drive me straight-jacket-crazy. But thanks to this milk machine of mine, I made more decor decisions in two weeks than I have in a year! One of those decisions involved picking out our new white Windsor kitchen chairs.

White Windsor Chairs

Adding White Windsor Style Chairs to Our Kitchen Eat-In

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I rarely share this space for many reasons! For starters, this part of our kitchen has pretty much been untouched since we moved in. Like we literally threw a table and chairs in here and called it a day. We added shiplap to the back wall over a year ago and it has sat blank since then. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with the wall (no surprise there). But the main reason why you never saw this area was because of this.....

Before pictures kitchen eat in

Yes, folks, no need to rub you eyes....those are indeed folding chairs. Can you believe I subjected my family and guests to this for the past year? Not just any folding chair but chairs that were covered in yogurt, berry juice, and lord know what else from the three year old. And to make things worse, I didn't even have a set of matching folding chairs! The other two chairs were from my college days. There were originally four, but two broke (oh god, this sounds like the start to one of those horrible math story problems!) and that my friends is how we ended up with this sad, pathetic state of affairs. 

Broken chair

So of course I'm to blame for this unsightly scene lasting for well over a year. See severe case of "indecisiveness" above. I went back and forth on what color and style kitchen chairs I wanted. We intend on having our kitchen cabinets painted eventually and most of my anxiety over picking chairs was trying to imagine what would go well with our future kitchen. I'm quite certain I killed half my brain cells on this one!

Fast forward to having another baby and spending an unhealthy amount of time at home and I finally was so annoyed with myself and inability to move forward on things that I actually talked myself into making a spur of a moment decision. I have to say overthinking things is so overrated because I'm 110% in love with these white Windsor style chairs!

Farmhouse chair styles

So during my year long chair hunt, I was gravitating towards a Windsor style chair. I just find them extremely charming. I specifically love high back style Windsor chairs but unless I was willing to shell out lots of money or was lucky enough to stumble upon a set of four at an antique shop, this high-back dream was not happening. I was also on the fence on if I wanted to go with black on the chairs. Then out of the blue I came across this lovely white Windsor chair over on Birch Lane  (owned by Wayfair ).

White windsor chairs for kitchen

Side note: It was called the Gaeten Side Chair but unfortunately it looks like both Birch Lane and Wayfair have either sold out of them or discontinued them. They are currently available at Hayneedle at the time of this post. 

Windsor chairs

It was a happy medium between Windsor and farmhouse style and let me tell you I ended up loving these chairs way more than I had anticipated! First of all, they come assembled so YAY! Big plus when I was already busy trying to keep a newborn and three year old alive. I also love the slightly distressed look they have but the biggest surprise was how wide the seat part is. They were a lot bigger than I had imagined which makes for comfy butt space. Something about their size just made them appear more vintage-like compared to some of the dinky size chairs I saw on other retailer's sites. I'm also digging the white and wood contrast going on right now between the chairs and the kitchen table. Like I really, really like these chairs!

So, yeah, that's the story of how breastfeeding kind of saved our kitchen, or at least my family's spinal alignment (gosh, folding chairs are uncomfortable!). Stay tuned because I also came to a decision on the shiplap wall (if you follow me on Instagram you've already seen a peek of this!) Sure, we still need more wall decor and a rug but happy to say this little kitchen space is trucking along!

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