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January 29, 2023

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'Eye Scream' Ice Cream Halloween Treats

Here ye, here ye! It's Delightfully Noted's 3rd Annual Wicked Craft Week. It's one of my favorite times of the year here on the good ol' bloggity-blog. Every day this week a new blogger will be stopping by to share some delightfully, spooktacular fall or Halloween idea. Here to kick it off with THEE CUTEST TREAT EVER is my ghoul (haha get it?) Michelle. 

Hi!  I'm Michelle from Michelle Paige and I'm so excited to be visiting here at

Delightfully Noted's Wicked Craft Week! 


Today, I'm sharing a cute little Halloween treat. 
(I much prefer 'cute' Halloween over 'scary' Halloween...just sayin'.)

It's an 'Eye Scream' Ice Cream Bar!

This is simple. (I do love simple!)

Purchase chocolate covered ice cream bars on a stick, a can of frosting and candy eyeballs.

I'm sure you've seen these candy eyes in your local craft stores, right?  My grocery store carries them...
and now they come in different sizes, too! 

'Eye' love them!

Candy eyeballs

Attach the eyes to the ice cream bars using frosting as glue.
I scooped a couple of tablespoons of store bought frosting in a snack size sandwich bag. 
Cut the end off the bag and squirt some frosting on the back of each candy eye.
Place each eye on the ice cream bar.  Use as many eyes as you'd like!

Fluffy White

Put the bars back in the freezer until you're ready to serve.

Eye scream treat

If you want, you can add a cute little tag.  (I told you I like 'cute'.)
Print out the tags, trim, and tape them to toothpicks.
Stick them into the ice cream bars.

(I used plastic toothpicks and washi tape to add to them... you know...cuteness.)

Halloween Tags

Click here to print out your own tags.

You can make a tray of these for your Halloween party or make them for dessert for your family. 

Eye scream cover

You could even wrap one up in a cellophane bag and stick it in a friend's freezer!

The mini, black (take out) boxes filled with candy corn make the perfect container to hold an ice cream bar.  I found the boxes at Michaels.

'Eye' believe they'll be a scream! Ha!

Eye scream ice cream

Thanks for having me, Jennifer!  Happy Halloween!

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Make sure to drop by the rest of the week to see what we have up our sleeves!

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