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Budget-Friendly Fixer Upper Inspired Chandelier

Remember that one time I shared those super easy home sourcing tricks on how to score some of your favorite decor for less? Well, pee-my-pants-excited doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about saving over $400 on my favorite style chandelier!

dining room chandelier

 Let me back up a minute (or a few decades).

 Soooo....you'd think sponge painting your bedroom walls hot pink would be the epitome of decor embarrassment, right? Stop judging, it was the 90's. Unfortunately, over the years I've made and lived with other household arrangements that were just as mortifying, like our infamous zip-tied chandelier.

farmhouse dining room ideas

If you follow me over on Instagram  you've heard me mention this thing a time or two (or a thousand).  This light fixture hung in our dining room and to say it was a major annoyance to me is the understatement of the year. I tried to find proof of said annoyance but I was always really strategic in cropping it out of pics whenever I took a close up but even from a distance (like in the pic above) you could always tell there is something awkward going on with the chain links.

fixer upper style dining room

Long story short, when we first moved into this house the chandelier was hanging crooked and my hubby decided to use a zip tie for a quick fix. That quick fix turned into two years and to make matters worse, this wasn't a black zip tie that blended in... no, no, we decided we wanted to make it REALLY obvious that we keep things classy around here and went with an eye-catching hunter green zip tie.

If anyone ever had the desire to zoom in on my pics, there it would be!

tobacco baskets for wall decor

Aside from the zip tie, this builder grade chandelier wasn't my cup of tea anyways so a few months ago I finally decided enough was enough and went on the hunt for a new one. I immediately fell in love with this chandelier from Pottery Barn, but I like a real good bargain AND this is where the Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool really came in handy (Learn more on how to use this nifty Pinterest tool here).

After a short search, I stumbled upon a very similar chandelier being sold at Lowe's and you want to know the best part? It was only $99! I also happen to have a 10% off coupon for Lowe's at the time, so we ended up scoring the light fixture for even less.

inexpensive light fixtures
$99 versus $499: The Look for Less!
Sources left to right: Lowe's Allen & Roth Chandelier and the Pottery Barn Armonk Chandelier

I love how this light creates a focal point in the room without distracting too much from the other main attraction; the botanical prints. I didn't want something that would block or overshadow the gallery wall, so I was really happy they marinated well together.

I was a little concerned that the bronze finish would come across too harsh in this space but I actually think it was just the pop of color our dining room needed.

farmhouse table

Although on a smaller scale, it reminds me a lot of the light fixture used in "The Dutch Door" episode of Season 2 of "Fixer Upper". See Jo Jo, you and me, totally alike.

Dutch Door House Fixer Upper Dining Room

That carpet is out the door next (seriously I want to give a wedgie to whoever though carpet in the dining room was a smart idea!) Also, these pics are an accumulation of photographs I've taken over the past two months, so you're not crazy, the decor is different from pic to pic!

DIY door casings

farmhouse style dining room

farmhouse chandelier

This chandelier makes me so happy every time I walk past our dining room, although, after living with a light held up by a zip tie for years my expectations obviously weren't that high!  I still have a long ways to go before proclaiming this space as finished but slowly it's starting to become my friend. A space I actually look forward to seeing instead of ignoring! 
So what kind of mortifying decor decisions are you living with?

PS. If you like money (as in you like to see lots more of it in your bank account), then don't forget check out my tips on how to source your favorite home decor for less!

Friday's Dose of Delight

Do you ever feel like Mother Nature is giving you the middle finger? All week we experienced summer-like weather and now that it's the weekend....cool air and rain expected ALL weekend long. What's up with that, Mother Nat? Hopefully, the sun is shining where you are because it's FriYAY and Fridays SOOOOO deserve sunshine, don't you think?

Here's this week's favorite links! Enjoy!

Did you know I was moving? Yep, right into this magnificent cottage guest shed.
I can't even put into words how much I LOVE this makeover! You will too...if you're human.

Tarjay...just take ALL of my money, won't ya?! Look at this new line debuting at the end of this month.

Two words you don't often hear together, unless you're Taylor Swift; trashcan bouquets. They're awesome, I promise.

It's graduation time! Cute gift idea, although you know this will be 
broken into like five seconds, right?

I'm obsessed with all things garden lately despite the fact that I don't garden.
You still can't blame me for wanting to make these though.

Have a safe and delightful weekend!

Stenciled Floors: Hot Trending Home Idea

So last week I announced I was alive and then I died again...and by "died" I mean I have suffered from THEE WORST (going on twelve days) sinus infection EVER. Needless to say, I've had a lot of time to think about important things in life like stenciled painted floors. Now stenciling your floors isn't exactly a new concept, a matter of fact it dates back to the colonial days, but there's been a major re-emergence of this trend lately and I have to say I'm super duper hooked!

Like all things house-related these days, I'm going to have to blame good ol' Waco resident,
 Jo Jo, for this recent floor craze. I noticed once she started utilizing cement tiles in her makeovers, similar to the ones used in the bathroom at the Magnolia Bed and Breakfast, it set the decor world a buzz. Graphic, Moroccan, Spanish; whatever you prefer to call these pretty tiles, people are loving them!

So what's trending about this trend?

painted patio cement

Contrary to Fixer Upper, decor enthusiasts are actually taking the budget-friendly route and stenciling/painting their floors to mimic the beautiful, bold-patterned tiles. This technique can work on a variety of floors including linoleum, vinyl, cement and tile. Obviously, this is usually done on floors that the homeowner dislikes or feels is outdated and they may not have the budget or time to fully replace at the moment (my laundry room would be a prime example of this!)

painted laundry room floor

Speaking of laundry rooms, these spaces along with bathrooms and mud rooms appear to be the most popular spot for this trend, which makes sense if you've ever stenciled before! At some point on this blog, I'm pretty sure I deemed myself the worst stenciler in the history of stenciling, so if you're a newbie to the technique or just a DIY hazard, starting with a small space like a powder room may be your best bet in saving your sanity. Although some people, like the talented JoEllen from the @rusticfarmhouse, are really brave and do a full room. I mean c'mon, is this not the bee's knees?!

stenciling floor tiles

On a smaller scale, Susan of @suewaldron, stenciled her fireplace hearth
 and it turned out AUH-mazing!

DIY stencil fireplace hearth

Color-wise, black and white and grey and white seem to be the prom king and queen of combos when it comes to stenciling floors.

cement tile look with stencil

how to stencil a bathroom floor

I think I'm smitten with this trend because there's something about it that's part vintage part classic! We have a laundry room that's in desperate need of some style and this just may be a project I need to add on our (never ending) to-do list soon. Maybe while I'm on maternity leave? #ThatIsHilarious

What do you think? Would you paint your floors?

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