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Your Favorite Projects and Posts of 2018

You didn't think I would bid adieu to 2018 without sharing the year's top projects and posts, did you? Of course not, it's probably one of my favorite times of the year! Despite finding it more and more difficult to finish house projects these days (*cough* darn kids) we still checked off a few things on our to-do lists. And then of course, immediately replaced them with new tasks and projects. I mean isn't that how it goes? 

Alright, enough chit chat, let's get to this! The most popular projects and posts of 2018.

Old  Arched Window Frame Decor

I'm so glad you guys took joy in the fact that this project didn't go as planned and I now have 7 years of bad luck on my plate. I forgive you.

Painted Vintage Mirror

Technically, I redid this mirror in 2017 but in true procrastinator fashion, I didn't share it until a year later. But who's getting technical around here? Not me.

Decorating Around a Leather Couch

how to decorate around a leather couch

If there's anything I learned from last year, it's that a lot of you apparently own leather couches. Putting together this room inspiration for my colleague was a lot of fun, so I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

Vintage Strawberry Picnic Birthday Party

picnic birthday party for first birthday

This makes my heart happy that this was the 2nd most popular post of last year. I always struggle with how much of my personal life I should share here on the blog. If it's not decor or a renovation project, will my readers run for the hills? Do they even care that I spent an unhealthy amount of hours searching for strawberry-stamped spoons for a child who won't even remember a dang thing from this party? Well, apparently you did! And for that, I thank you.

DIY Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

DIY Corner Cabinet

And the queen of the prom is the DIY Corner Cabinet we built (and by "we" I mean my hubby) for our sad and lonely dining room corner. No surprise this was hands down my FAVORITE home project of the year too! It was so nice to see an idea I had been thinking about for two years finally come alive!

Thanks for looking back on the year with me and as always thanks for being supportive of this little ol' blog of mine! Whether we connect here, on Facebook, or on Instagram, I truly appreciate your encouragement! It's nice to know someone besides my mom is following along on my crazy shenanigans. My mind is spinning with ideas for 2019 (like maybe I should finally touch our living room!) and I can't wait to share more decor inspiration with you all. Here's to making our houses a home one project at a time. Cheers!

5 Ways to Repurpose A Plaid Shirt For Christmas Decor

I'm positive you don't need me to remind you that Christmas is just one week away, BUT holy crap, friends, it really IS just one week away. Shouldn't there be some kind of law where we can add an extra week into December to help us get ALL the things done? I'm sure Santa would agree. 

Well, despite my laundry list of to-do's before the big day, I am happy to report that the decking of halls has concluded. If you missed any of our holiday tours, you can check them out here and here. Today I wanted to hop on really quick to share a round-up of how I repurposed thrift store plaid shirts through out my home this holiday season. You've heard me talk about it a few times through out my tour but I thought it would be nice to have a really quick overview of all the creative things you can do with these lovely, magical garments.

ideas on how to repurpose an old shirt

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So first let's talk about the shirts. If you can't raid your hubby/boyfriend/son's closet(s) and it's still illegal to rob your neighbors, then hit up your local thrift stores. I decorated with just 4 shirts (2 mens, and 2 boy sizes) through out our whole home. I think $2.50 was the most I paid for one of them. I even bargained one down to a $1.oo after discovering a hole in it. Haha. I must of been in a really frugal mood that day because I am not a negotiating type.

repurposed old shirts

Now let's take a quick tour of all the fun things I did with the shirts!

Plaid Shirt Turned Mini Tree Skirt

Repurposed Shirt Christmas Tree Skirt

This toddler button-up was the perfect size for the base of my mini Christmas tree in our entry way. I simply just unbuttoned the shirt, placed the tree in the middle of the fabric, and then using the arms of the shirt just tied it around the tree to make a skirt. Took 30 seconds!

Plaid Shirts Turned Gift Bows and Ribbon

repurpose old shirts for christmas decorations

Repurposed shirt craft ideas
This was probably my favorite way to utilize the shirts and actually what inspired me to use them in the first place. I wanted plaid ribbon for our gifts but couldn't find any with my blue and red color palette. Sometimes you just have to improvise!

For larger gifts, just make sure to use a bigger shirt and start cutting your strips from the back tail of the shirt, going all the way over the shoulder, down to the bottom front of the shirt. You could even use the shirts as just straight up gift wrap for smaller gifts if you want.

Plaid Shirts Turned Stocking Decor

stocking decor ideas

stocking ribbon

A few shirt scraps helped dress up our blue stockings and tie them into the rest of our holiday decor.

Plaid Shirts Turned Bowl Fillers

repurposed shirt craft ideas

Sometimes you just need a little something-something to fluff up your decor bowls and who knew torn up strips of shirts were just the thing.

Plaid Shirts Turned Napkin Decor

fun napkin folding ideas
White Dishes | Red Wine Glasses | Red Cloth Napkins

Another favorite of mine, use the shirts to make napkin bows! Trust me, these fingers of mine have never folded a fancy napkin in my life, but this was so easy and looked even more festive once I added the plaid "bows" on top.

So there you have it, five easy ways to transform old plaid shirts into festive one-of-a-kind  holiday decorations! I feel like if time would of allowed, I could of kept coming up with more ways to use these shirts. Their scraps are just so versatile! Are there any ideas I missed? How would you have used the shirt scraps in your home?

Blue & Red Christmas Home Tour Part 2

So today I'm excited to continue on with the tour of our holiday home! In case you were snoozing last week (*yawn* which I don't blame you! This time of year is exhausting!) I invited everyone in for our first Christmas tour of the season, which happen to include our entryway and dining room all decked out in my blue and red holiday color scheme. 

It was a risky choice of colors to go with and boy did I sweat bullets when I went to hit "publish" on that tour, but based on the feedback I've been receiving here and on Facebook and Instagram, you guys seem to really like it! Phew. I personally love that it's traditional with a non-traditional twist. If that makes any sense?

Today I'll be sharing a handful of spaces, including one of our Christmas trees (at last count, I think we had 4, but 2 are smaller so those don't even count in my bookπŸ˜‰), so let's get to it!

Living Room

plaid christmas decor ideas
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Ornaments (similar) | Plaid Basket (T.J.Maxx) | Rug (Plush Rugs) | Bells (Hobby Lobby)

I only share a little peek into this room because it's a space we haven't really worked on since moving in (Ha! Which was 4 .5 years ago!) You'll see we still don't even have curtains in here! In the mean time, I love to add what I refer to as "Mommy's Decorator Tree" in here so it looks somewhat festive and cozy for the holidays. We have a nice twelve-footer in the family room that we use as our main tree and to open gifts around, and this tree gets to be ALL mine to play with.

It's the tree the hubby and I bought when we were first-time home owners, and it's definitely seen better days but it works for now. I kept it rather simple with a few strands of blue velvet ribbon from Michaels and array of blue, red, and gold ornaments. I have to say my favorite thing about this color palette, is the rich tones against the dark greenery!

Christmas color palette

And can you guess what the "ribbon" on the packages are? Yep, more torn up thrift store plaid shirts! Some of you may remember from last week's tour how I shared this budget-friendly tip! You can revisit last week's post to see how I used them as a tree skirt and napkin decor. For $4 and 3 shirts I've really gotten a lot of use out of them among our Christmas decor.

 My Aunt from Wisconsin came to visit not too long ago, and I got to take her to a few of my favorite antique stores (she has a love for decorating too!) The plaid throw was a result of that adventure. I was so excited that it included all of the colors I was looking for. The white and gold "joy" pillow and bells were a purchase from last year and help break up some of the darker colors.

plaid christmas decor

Some of you may have heard me mention a time or two about how vintage children's chairs just seem to appear in my trunk any time I come back from an antique or thrift store. It's a really strange phenomenon, huh?

I really can't help it, I want to save all the little old chairs!  This child's Windsor chair was a set of 2 that I scored at Goodwill in the summer. I just like dressing them up for fun . Oh, and sometimes my kids sit in them tooπŸ˜‰

Christmas chair decorations

simple christmas tree ideas


kitchen christmas decor

I went with the NOEL on our top shelf in the kitchen eat-in area again because I really liked how it looked last year. I know as bloggers we feel the pressure to come up with all new ideas every year but sometimes if ain't broke than don't fix it. Plus, I find it challenging to decorate shelves so this was my lazy way out! Wink, wink. I did, however, add a strand of faux and real garland to dress it up a bit. It kind of reminds of messy bead head. Haha. Yes, messy bed head garland should be a new thing!

For the bottom shelf, I kept our white pitchers and just added a few touches of copper and brass to warm it up a bit. I found the trumpet candlestick holders at the thrift store and thought they were really sweet. The colored ornaments and the painted pine cones helped tie in the color palette I've used through out our home this season.

christmas shelf decor ideas

christmas shelves

As far as the tabletop, a festive arrangement of well, random stuff. As you can see I really like that plaid wired basket and the little glass cloche is the perfect place for a gathering of more ornaments and pine cones.

christmas shelf decor

I bought the navy velvet pillow covers a few weeks ago and have to say I was super impressed with the quality of them! I'll probably be buying some other colors for other seasons. Plus, you can't beat that price!

kitchen christmas

plaid christmas decor rustic
Red Oil Lantern (similar)

And of course, what's Christmas without decking the halls? I love to see a little touch of the holiday season any time we enter or leave our home. Gives my insides all the warm, cozy feels.

A simple, plain wreath embellished with a strand of twinkle lights helps make this little space glow with Christmas joy. Can you believe this is my first time decorating with twinkle lights?! I'm obsessed with them and don't know what I've been waiting for!

christmas twinkle lights decor

Wrapped packages and a vintage oil lantern (that I borrowed from the kids' camp-themed playroom) nestled around the little old bench helps create a festive Christmas scene. You want to know a secret? Those packages are empty boxes and my kiddo's puzzles. Never underestimate the beauty of a faux present, folks! Now I just have to remember to not mix them up with the real presents!

holiday plaid decor
holiday decor christmas

So before we wrap up this year's holiday tour, why don't we take a quick visit upstairs to Little B's room! Some of you may recall when I decorated the playroom a few years ago here and here for Christmas. Little B has been asking almost everyday when he comes home from school if I've put the tree up in there yet? Somehow he remembers this from when he was 3! Honestly, I did not have the motivation to clean out that room (ugh...so many toys!) AND decorate it, so I comprised and surprised him one day by decorating his bedroom. It was a lot of fun and he was really excited when he saw it!

Kids Bedroom
kids room christmas decor fun

His blue gingham comforter with a few touches of festive red made it really easy for me to carry on my holiday color palette. The throw we had and the deer pillow cover is one of Lucy's from Craftberry Bush's creations. I picked it up a few years ago from Society 6.

The second I spotted this "Reindeer School" sign I just knew I had to have it for his room!
Of course his dinosaurs couldn't show up to school with out their own set of antlers (that I made out of gold pipe cleaners). Little B really got a kick out of those.

kids room christmas decorations

A colorful stocking and my favorite little North Pole pail that I bought last year adorn his bedside table. The nutcracker he painted last year and I've always loved that it has this abstract feel to it.
christmas bedroom decor

The flocked Christmas tree that use to call the corner of our dining room home made it's way up here. Now that we have a corner cabinet in the dining room, there's no room for a tree.
I found these adorable pinstripe reindeer and snowman ornaments at Target. The red ornaments we grabbed from our stash.

The vintage tree bucket is probably one of my all-time favorite Christmas purchases ever (I know I say that a lot!) It's kind of hard to tell but it has little, worn toy soldiers circling the top of it. Is that not the sweetest?!

kids christmas tree

tree skirt bucket ideas

kids christmas bedroom

I have this thing for beautifully illustrated childrens' books and absolutely adore this version of "The Night Before Christmas". I found it on Amazon last year and can't seem to find it there anymore, but if you're looking for a version of this book and find it, I highly recommend it.

as the night before christmas

 And that's a wrap on this year's holiday home tour! I hope you enjoyed your visit and perhaps found a little inspiration for your own home. Thank you so much for stopping by this little ol' spot of mine. Wishing you and yours a safe and joyful holiday season!

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