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Friday's Dose of Delight

Hello, friends! Thank you for stopping by on this fine Friday. This weekend I plan on cleaning out our guest room for a new, exciting project we have on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates on that in the near future. In the mean time, my favorite links from this past week can be found below. 
Perfect weekend reading! Enjoy!

diy mini barn door for laundry room

Every laundry room dryer is completely jealous of this one

Joanna Gaines continues to prove that she's an alien who needs zero sleep by launching yet another product AND I'm really excited about it.

The problem with hiring a housekeeper.  Ever clean before the cleaning lady comes? 
You'll totally relate.

I tried this super simple recipe this week and it will definitely be a repeat!

Did someone say hygge? Here's the Danish design concept that everyone's talking about.

Have a delightful weekend everyone!

My New Farmhouse Wall Print by Jibe Prints

I've joked a time (or twelve) on here about how I'm super indecisive when it comes to making decisions, particularly ones related to how I want to decorate my home.  I find that this is especially true when it comes to wall decor, however, I have noticed that I tend to gravitate towards prints from small businesses and I'm super fond of word art, handlettering, quotes, etc... The goods news is our new dining room wall art from Jibe Prints meets all of these requirements and I'm head over heels in love with it!
farmhouse wall decor

farmhouse hutch decor

I ordered the "Family is Everything" print in the 36"W x 24"H size and just love how it fills in the empty space above our dining room hutch. Let me just say I've lost a lot of sleep pondering over what to do with that spot. Okay, so maybe I haven't lost sleep over it but seriously it's allowed me to move on to more important things like "How will Rick and his crew take down the Saviors?" 

Jibe Prints

Two of my favorite things about Jibe Prints is that the background on a lot of their collections are made to resemble that of shiplap, so they totally have that farmhouse charm that I adore. Secondly, you can personalize the prints with your family name, initials, or special dates.  I'm thinking if I was new bride or homeowner I would totally love one of these prints as a unique gift!

I found the whitewashed wood frame at Michaels and I think it pairs well with the rustic look of the wall print.

farmhouse dining room

Jibe Prints has many different beautiful sayings and designs to choose from (I especially love this "Gather" one) so you'll definitely want to head over and check them out! If you sign up for their email list you'll receive a 20% off promo code. Hope you enjoy browsing their site as much as I did!

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Disclosure: I partnered with Jibe Prints and received product in exchange for this post.  All ideas and opinions expressed are completely my own. I only recommend products that I use or stand behind 100%. In summary, I would never recommend crap to you!

How to Find Similar Home Decor Items for Less

How many times have you spotted a coffee table or light pendant on Pinterest or Instagram that you fall in love with only to discover that your said dream item is way out of your budget?  Well today I wanted to share the two tricks I always use to find less expensive options of my favorite pieces! 
These little shopping hacks have been a game changer when it comes to decorating my home and it has saved me a ton of money.
home decor shopping tips

This post contains affiliate links. To learn more, please read my full disclosure policy.

So what's my first shopping tool for when I'm looking for the luxe look for less?
Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool! This is probably one of my favorite features on Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool to Find Similar Home Decor Items for Less

1. Pull up the pinned image of your choice and then click the magnifying glass in the top right corner. If the image you are trying to source is on Instagram or some other media, you can always save it to your phone and upload it to Pinterest.
How to Use Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool

2. Then drag the selection box over the part of the pin you are interested in. 
For example, I really liked this chandelier hanging in Zevy Joy's gorgeous dining room. Once you select the item that has caught your eye, Pinterest will pull up similar items for you.

Pinterest visual search

3. Start perusing and clicking on the images to the right to find the sources and prices for your item. Some photos may link to a blog or other non-retailer pages, but you should have a handful that will actually lead to stores that sell the item (or similar ones) for you to purchase if you so desire.

The above example is a real-life search I conducted a few weeks ago while on the hunt for a new chandelier. I follow Zevy Joy on Instagram, so I know that she originally purchased her light from Pottery Barn. PB sells their chandelier for $499, which isn't exactly that expensive for a new dining room light fixture but you guys, I love the challenge of finding copycat decor for less. Call me weird, but seriously it's an obsession! 

candle chandeliers
$99 versus $499: The Look for Less!
Sources left to right: Lowe's Allen & Roth Chandelier and the Pottery Barn Armonk Chandelier

Thanks to the Pinterest Visual Magnifying Tool, I was able to find a very similar chandelier at Lowe's for just $99. The cherry on top was I had a 11% off coupon and scored the light for $89 (plus free shipping) That's a whopping $410 difference between Pottery Barn's version and Lowes (that's not even including the tax or shipping cost that may have accrued on the PB order). I'm no good at math but I'm pretty sure that is one hot deal and most importantly, I still have lots of money left over for Starbucks!

Now onto my second trick....Google!

How to Use Google to Find Similar Home Decor Items for Less

1. Copy the title of the item you're interested in. So for example, I found these set of chairs on Overstock.com and would like to see if this is the best price for them,so I highlight and copy their name.
bistro chairs
2. Open up Google, and paste the name/title in the search box. Your search results will show you if the item (or similar items) are cheaper any where else. As you can see below, the same chairs from Overstock are on sale for almost $170 less at another retailer.
sourcing home decor items for less

I've been surprised at how many times I have found the same item on multiple sites at a variety of prices! This was the case for when we recently purchased Little B's big boy bed. I originally spotted it on Overstock, but after a quick Google search, discovered the same exact bed was offered at a lower price on Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair. In the end, Wayfair won my business because of their free shipping and first time customer coupon discount (always look for extra discounts online or by joining the site's mailing list!)

Of course, always make sure to keep the cost of shipping in consideration. Sometimes the cheaper option isn't always the best deal if the retailer charges an expensive shipping or handling fee.

Now let's go shopping!

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