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DIY Playroom Shelves: Toy Storage Solution

Remember that time we converted our boring, unused office space into a playroom with a TON of  "built-in" storage and I thought we were set for life? Like every toy would always have a place behind those closed cabinet doors. Well, it turns out the older your kids get and the more you keep adding to the family, the more crap stuff you accumulate. Who knew? First-time moms, that's who!🀣

I have had a running list of home projects that I have been meaning for us to get to (who doesn't, right?) and one of those projects was to add more storage to the playroom. Yes, more storage!

storage idea for kids playroom

Here was the problem.....we scored a train table a few years ago off of our local Facebook sales page but I don't think I ever recall anyone playing trains on said table. Instead over time it just became a dumping ground for all the toys that were oddly shaped or too big for the cabinets, things that didn't have a place, or more annoyingly, the items that Little B was too lazy to put away.

Let me add, I'm an avid purger of this room. I probably sneak in here at least once a month, if not more to clear out all the broken items, cheap fast-food/gift bag trinkets, and all the other random crap my offspring brings into this home (rocks, advertisements with bounce houses on them, empty egg cartons, etc....) I also rotate toys and keep a few bins of unused items in the basement. Despite all these efforts, things were still out of control, mostly because they didn't have a home.

Sorry for the bad phone pic, but honestly, the best camera in the world couldn't do this hot mess any more justice. Now in our defense, I shot this pic on one of the particularly messy days. It wasn't usually THIS out of control, but it's what finally gave me the kick in the butt to do something about it!

And so we did........
DIY Playroom Shelving Ideas

After picking up some pine boards at our local hardware store (we went with 5 feet), I gave them a light sanding and then stained them (Miniwax Jacobean). Later that afternoon, the hubby hung them.

Stop the presses! This really was a one-day project! You guys know when it comes to home projects that ALMOST never happens.

DIY Playroom Shelving Storage

My goal (other than to take back control of this room!) was to make sure that all three shelves were reachable for Little B. The last thing I needed was another reason for my kids to scream for me to help them with something. The bottom shelf I wanted to be at baby girl's level, so that we could start storing her toys there. Now that she's 1.5 and I feel more comfortable with her playing in a separate room (with many check-ins!), I've started to transition some of her toys from the living room to here.

playroom storage ideas

toy room shelves

Despite being a catchall, the train table was taking up so much real estate in this room, so not only did we add storage but the kiddos have almost a foot more space to move around in. The added floor space makes the room feel so much bigger.

themed playroom ideas

I'm still playing around with what items are going to go where (Little B is convinced EVERYTHING in the playroom should on these shelves)  but let me tell ya, my anxiety level in this space is wayyyy down now!

kids playroom idea

diy toy room storage

The kids love the shelves too and I have to say I'm pretty happy with our first DIY project of the year!

Psst....see how this room use to look before we turned it into a camp-themed playroom.

No-Sew Fabric Hearts

$162. That was the average amount consumers spent on Valentine's Day gifts last year. I can tell you right now I was not one of those consumers! Ha! I think I spend an average of $15 total every year. My hubby and I exchange cards and I gift a book or box of candy to the kiddos. 

The same goes for decor, I gave up decorating for this holiday years ago. I have one small grapevine heart wreath that I put up and that's about it, folks!

Meh. Sorry, Valentine's Day, I'm just not that into you.

Soooooo......now the awkward part when you see today's post is kind of Valentine-y.  I'm hopping on to share these little no-sew fabric hearts I made the other day. You see a few weeks ago I was scrolling Instagram and came across these adorable drop-cloth hearts that Jessica of @reefrainaria shared. I think I fell for them because they don't scream Valentine's Day, can be used year-round (who doesn't love the symbol of love?), and are farmhousey-ish. So despite not really aiming to decorate for this holiday, I still sat down during nap time the other day and whipped up a few of these fun hearts.

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no-sew fabric hearts

Aren't they sweet? And double brownie points for being no-sew!
(Shhh....I still haven't learn how to sew on that sewing machine that I begged my hubby for 3 years ago. You know the one he said would just sit in closet and is currently just sitting in a closet?)

farmhouse valentine's day decor

I didn't take any progress pics of me making them, but really they're so simple to put together!
Grab yourself some fabric (similar ticking stripe fabric here), trace and cut out some hearts, hot glue 2 of the hearts together leaving a small opening (fabric glue would work too), and then stuff. After that seal it up and you're done! 

PS. Take note that a bag of Halloween spider webs that have been sitting around on
 your garage floor for months works just as well as pillow filling! Cheaper too! Jessica used cotton balls. Gotta be innovative sometimes!

DIY Valentines Decor

One of the reasons why I love farmhouse-style decor is because the more imperfect an item is the better! The same goes for these fabric hearts, don't sweat it if the ends of the fabric are jagged or your design isn't exactly a perfectly-shaped heart!

So there you go, short and sweet! Hope you guys are having a great week!

Living Room Makeover Plans & the New(ish) Blue Rug

At the start of a new year, I always like to wrap up old business while simultaneously beginning new things. Which simply means I pretty much never finish what I startπŸ˜‰ Today's post is all about that; a room project I fully intended on wrapping up last year and well, I did get started on some things, I didn't get very far. So here we are, trying again! This room I so speak of is our living room. 

Here's what it looks like presently (Note: Aside from the coffee table, I didn't style any of this before photographing, so just know this is a room that's been in limbo!)

blue rug in living room

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here.
In addition, I was provided a discount by Plush Rugs in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

To recap, we moved into this home in the summer of 2014. There were some rooms that got attention right away; Little B's nursery and the playroom (Do you see what's wrong with this picture?! My kids get all the nice spaces!) and there were rooms like this that have clearly been ignored for way too long. Which is sad because this is personally one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Actually up until Christmas, we didn't even have anything on the walls! Early last spring, I did happen to finally cover the bandaid color that had been haunting us from the previous owners (went with Honeymilk from Valspar). Other than paint, the second thing I did manage to do last year was to pick out a rug from Plush Rugs. We intend on getting hardwood in here eventually (actually had a guy lined up to install the floors 2 years ago and had to cancel!) so in the meantime, I needed to cover these old carpets pronto!

rug on top of carpet

I decided on the Wharton Blue rug and I've been having a love affair with it ever since it took up real estate in our home. Buying rugs online makes me really nervous (who wants to have to package up and return a hundred pound rug that they hate?!)BUT I have to say the stock photos on Plush Rug's website were pretty darn accurate of what it looks like in real life. The color is absolutely beautiful, almost like a soft steel blue. As soon as we unrolled it and laid it down, the room instantly lightened up. I'm pretty sure I did the Carlton. It was like a whole new room just by changing up one thing!

soft blue rug living room

I like to incorporate a little pattern into my home via rugs and throw pillows but I'm not one for super, super bold designs and this pattern fit the bill. It's subtle but yet still eye-catching when you walk into the room. Overall, it rated as one of my top favorite home purchases last year! Next to crock pot liners that is (seriously, are those not the best invention ever?!)

I've been especially pleased with how the rug has held up (I don't let anyone eat in here, so that helps with stains!), not to mention that Plush Rugs was super easy to work with; both their website and customer service. Trust me, we all could use "easy" in our lives nowadays.

Now let's chat about what I envision this room to look like in the near future!

mirror living room wall ideas

My biggest goal is to just make this room feel cozy and inviting. Aside from the dining room, it's the first room visitors see when they enter the house. With that being said, we don't have a tv or toys in this room, nor do I plan on changing that. You know who uses this room the most? Me! This is where I blog from (currently sitting here now!), peruse the internet obsessively for thin gold floating frames, and when time allows, dive into a good book.

It gets an awesome amount of natural light during the day and it's cut off from the chaos that is almost always unfolding in the back of the house where the kids and puppy are running amok. See why I love it now? But my point is, it doesn't need to be a super functional room or have lots of storage. Basically, I just need it to look pretty and make me comfortable!πŸ˜‰

So this is what I came up with!

living room mood board blue color scheme
Ticking Stripe Arm Chair | Gold Frames | Clear Glass Table Lamp | Distressed Candlesticks Holders | Octagon Mirror | Blue and White Beaded Throw Pillow | Blue Ticking Striped Pillow | Blue Woven Throw |Natural Wood Coffee Table (similar round coffee table) | Wharton Blue Rug | Skirted Slipcover Couch | Light Teal Aqua Vases |  Vintage Blue Books (similar)

To me, soft blues invite serenity into a room, and I love how they look with neutral tones. As I mentioned, wood floors are in this room's future, along with board and batten on the walls. It's directly across from our dining room, and so it only makes sense to match the wall treatment. Actually that's the reason this room as has been moving at a snail's pace! I was waiting to hang things until we finished the board and batten in here, but it's been almost 2 years and we still haven't knocked it off our to-do list. Womp. Womp. So I'm moving on....After all, that's what patching is for, right?

Furniture wise, I think the coffee table is staying. That's actually a thrift store makeover project I'll be sharing about soon, but it's very similar to my inspiration piece above from Pier 1. Originally, my plan was to use it in our family room but it's been sitting here temporarily and it's beginning to grow on me. I don't like that the wood is the same color of our couch BUT I'm hoping to trade this couch in for something lighter someday soon (just need to bribe the hubby!πŸ˜‰) I have always loved the classic look of a slip-covered couch and I really like that this one is an oatmeal-colored linen (not sure I'm brave enough to do stark white!) Light furniture makes me a little nervous with two little wildlings in the house BUT I find that our upholstered dining room chairs do just fine (because again, they're in a room the kids barely roam to). Plus, there's always good ol' Scotch Guard.

oatmeal linen slip cover couch
Linen Slip-covered Couch

The mirror will be staying (mine was originally from Home Goods a few years back, but the one below is very similar and octagon-y-ish) BUT I'm debating sanding or painting it? Not sure if the darker wood will clash or compliment the rest of the wood furniture in the room when it's all said and done. What do you guys think?

Octagon Wood Shaped Mirror
Octagon Shaped Wood Mirror

To the right of the mirror (when facing it head on), is our new console table we just picked up after the holidays. We had stopped in our local World Market one day only to find out they were having a huge relocation sale. I had been eyeing this table for years and was so excited to see it was half off! It's called the Everett Foyer Console Table and it is the perfect size for filling in this big blank wall.

long console table

Above the console table, I'm doing a gallery wall. I actually just purchased these frames last week and hung them the other day. Can't wait to share the final design (that is once I actually put real pictures in them!)
gold brass picture frames cheap

Over on the opposite side of the room, is where all our windows are.

yellow gold couch living room

SO MUCH GOLD BROWN going on over here! Blah.
I would love to add two sitting chairs here to frame the windows. I've fallen hard for this accent chair. It's a combination of some of my favorite things; ticking stripes, raw wood, and spindle legs!

 I still haven't decided on window treatments but those are a MUST! I always say window treatments are to a room, like mascara is to the eyes (I know I speak so wisely). It's amazing what curtains can do for a space.

Add in a lamp, an end table or two, some pillows, and a little decor, and we'll finally have a space that doesn't look like we just moved into! Can't wait to see it all come together. As always, you can follow along on our house projects and sneak peeks over on Instagram. Hope to see you there!