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Reveal Time! Mystery Craft Challenge Round Two

Three reveals down and ten more to go! Welcome to round two of the 
Mystery Box Craft Challenge. For those of you who missed the kick-off and yesterday's projects, it only seems fair that you flashdance your way over there and check them out ! We'll wait............... and while we're waiting, please welcome Mr. Kayne West to the stage. Just kidding, ain't nobody got time for that.

Let's move along to the next four craft project reveals, people! 

mystery craft challenge

Remember everyone was sent a laser cut wood frame as their mystery craft item and their only rule was to make something out of it!

Reveal Time! Mystery Craft Challenge Round One

Holy mermaid, it's go time, people! Project reveals, voting; welcome to the kick-off of the 2016 Mystery Craft Challenge. I love this week as much as Bill Clinton loves balloons and I'm going to forewarn you my exclamation marks will probably be unstoppable today! For FOUR LONG WEEKS the participants have been crafting up a storm and I know they are just as eager to get this party started as I am.

DIY Wrapping Paper Storage

Rolls of wrapping paper are similar to Tupperware lids; I swear they multiply by the minute and they're both clumsy to organize. Today I wanted to share how you can create this incredibly easy wall-mounted storage area for your wrapping paper with a just a few supplies. It's not a fancy schmancy project but let me tell you it gets the job done and it has made the task of fetching gift wrap twenty times more convenient!

DIY Wrapping Paper Storage
wrapping paper storage closet

16 Fabulous Grain Sack Ideas

Whether it's an old washboard turned memo board or vintage book pages turned wreath; I love when people find ways to refurbish items from the past! One of my many antique obsessions at the moment are old grain sacks (how lame, if I needed one, would my online dating profile be?!)

Did you know way before we were transforming these bags into lampshades and seat upholstery, farmer's wives were already repurposing the grain sacks into dresses, towels and curtains? They even competed in National Sewing Contests to show off their fashion skills. Pretty thrifty of them, huh?

grain sack ideas
There are so many ways to craft and decorate with grain sacks.

If you adore the rustic farmhouse feel, then I bet your bottom dollar that you're bound to be inspired by this round-up of 16 fabulous grain sack ideas!

Mystery Craft Challenge Participants and Prizes!

AHHH. GUYS! I feel like the long lost fourth Pointer sister, but I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. It's time to announce the starting line-up for the 2nd Annual Mystery Craft Challenge!  Before I share the list of participants and the prizes they're competing for, let me briefly explain how things are going to go down here the last week of August.

mystery craft challenge

A few weeks ago I packaged up a mystery craft item and sent it out to the participants. Their task is to make something out of that said mystery item. They may still like me, they may not....only time will tell. All I know is I can't wait to share with you all what they have been up to.  I just know you are going to love all of their different interpretations of this craft item. Honestly, August 28th, which is the Mystery Craft challenge reveal week, cannot come fast enough! Once everyone gets a chance to share their fun, creative project, YOU get to vote for your favorite!
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