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Halloween Entry Table Decor

If you're looking to add some spook to your home in the month of October but don't have a lot of time, motivation, or money to decorate the whole house, then I highly suggest focusing just on your entryway. Aside from your front door, typically it's the one space that will greet your trick-or-treaters. And you can bet their mamas are secretly eyeing it for inspiration! So today, I wanted to swing on by  to share my black and white Halloween entry table decor.

Halloween entry table decor

14 Cute Halloween Pajamas for Kids

Well all be darn, it's not a home decor post today! I thought we'd talk about something, perhaps, a little more fun, like say children's halloween pajamas. I know most of you may come here to read about DIY wreaths and wall paints and to laugh about that one time when I was an idiot and thought it would be a great idea to make homemade taffy.  But lately I've had this itch to share other interests of mine here on thee ol' blog, and believe or not I actually have a real interest in the attire my 3 year old wears to bed...especially around holidays. Like I'm kind of obsessed with kid's holiday pjs.

cute kid's halloween pajamas
So I hope y'all don't mind if we take a break from decorating talk today, so that I can share this cute round-up of children's Halloween pajamas I've come across this season! Ya know...just incase you're obsessed with them too.

How to Identify Ironstone

You guys, I have a newfound love and surprisingly it doesn't involve the color blue, white chocolate, or Ryan Gosling this time. It involves stoneware, a dense opaque kind to be exact. That's right, say the word "ironstone", and my heart skips a beat. I just recently started collecting a few pieces here and there and and I thought I'd share a few tips I've learned along the way on how to identify authentic vintage ironstone.  

vintage ironstone

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