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Small Deck Makeover Plans

You know how they say "every cloud has a silver lining?" Well, our future outdoor living spaces is proof of that! We experienced a bad hail storm a few months ago-it shredded our window screens and my freshly, planted flowers (yeah, I'm still bitter about that!) Damaged our siding, roof, fence, and deck. It pretty much beat the crap out of our backyard.

I mean look at this sad state of affairs! Womp, womp.

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Sooooo...you may be asking where's the silver lining in all of that? Well, we're getting a new roof, our deck and fence will be repainted, the siding will be fixed AND best of all? It was the total kick in the pants we needed to start focusing on our patio and outdoor "rooms".

We've lived in our home for a little over 5 years and I've spent about ten minutes of those five years working on our patio decor (see underwhelming picture proof below)🤣 I mean even before the storm damage, this space of ours was rather depressing. I didn't even move the slip n' slide to stage these photos because this is reality when you have kids, right? No place is safe from all their toys!

backyard makeover plans

 My philosophy has always been finish the interior first, worry about the exterior later. Anyone else share that same thought?  But all this focus on fixing things up made me realize I wanted to get a lot more use out of our backyard NOW, and so for the past few weeks I've been gathering inspiration and shopping for patio decor to help spruce up our outdoor spaces.

Essentially there are 3 different outdoor zones I'm working on. Today I thought it would be fun to share what I'm envisioning for the smallest area of the 3 zones; our second-story deck.

This is the view our back kitchen door opens up to.

small patio makeover ideas

 Because this deck is small and even more limited on space thanks to my husband's 4 grills (Insert eye roll). Just kidding, honey, I LOVE your grilled food! My main focus is to just create a cozy, welcoming spot to sit down and maybe enjoy a fresh lemonade (or in my case, a black cherry White Claw, anyone else obsessed?) It would also be nice to have a spot to park to keep an eye out on the kids when they're in the yard, with out always having to go down to the ground floor patio.

So these are the pretty items I have my eye on! I'm super excited to get started.
I personally love the idea of designing your outdoor spaces to be an extension of your indoor living, so it should be of no surprise that I'm aiming for a blue color scheme.

small deck decorating ideas
Natural Wood Umbrella Frame | Natural Cotton Umbrella Canopy | Outdoor Goose Neck Light | Blue Deck PlanterWoven Texture Outdoor Pillow | Stackable Outdoor Wicker Chair | White Outdoor Side Table | Blue Glazed Planter | Large Blue Glazed Planter | Blue Diamond Outdoor Rug
(click links for sources)

 We're still waiting on some final quotes and confirmation before they can start working on repainting the deck (there's also the part where I need to pic a new color and we all know how I LOVE making decisions!)  As always, I promise to share our progress and final outcome when it's all said and done. I often share sneak peeks of our projects on Instagram first, so if we're not hanging out yet, come say hi!

Scalloped Coffee Table Makeover

AT LAST! The scalloped coffee table makeover is done! I shared a peek of this thrifted $30 table back in May when I was discussing our living room plans. And to most of you the table probably looked finished, BUT in true Jennifer fashion, it wasn't. Don't you know I always like to draw out the last few steps of a project for a looonnng time? 🤣

scalloped coffee table living rooms
This post contains affiliate links. To learn more, please see my full disclosure policy.

Let's rewind a bit though....to last summer, to that glorious day that I made a quick pit stop into our local Salvation Army and laid my eyes on this beauty. It only took me a whole ten seconds to decide it was coming home with me. The scalloped shape of the tabletop was what sucked me in. Oh, and the $30 (ish) dollar price tag.

coffee table makeover
Side note: I don't have any pics of it's original state because my hubby pretty much started sanding the top of the table down before I could even get it out of the trunk. But other then the wood on top being a little orange-ish, this is the state of the table I bought it in. Not too shabby, right?

Some of you may recall from the living room discussion, that I also fell hard for this table because it reminded me of the Pier 1 coffee table I had been eyeing for months (but for $260 cheaper! 😉)
Natural Stonewash Square Coffee Table

That piece ended up being the inspiration for our table and other than one or two minor hiccups (more on that in a bit), I absolutely adore how this turned out!  So let's dive into the specifics quickly of how I transformed this little gal.

As I mentioned, the hubby sanded the top of the table down for me. He used a hand sander and fortunately, it didn't take as long as I thought it would to get rid of the original stain color. However, the sander did get a little too vigorous in two spots and left a distorted-burn-like-mark. One spot is more noticeable than the other. I was super bummed about it at first.

sanding a coffee table

I reached out to my Instagram friends for ideas on how to fix it and I did receive a few tips, however, I was only able to lighten the blemish a bit. Hence for the delay in this post! Does it still bother me? Sure. But I'm moving on. It's one of my things I love the most about our home-it's perfectly imperfect.

sanding blemish

After the sanding was completed, I painted the base. I went with my favorite tried-and-true paint color, Benjamin Moore "White Dove". It's what I had on hand and it's quite possibly my favorite white paint color EVER. It took a few coats of paint to cover all the green ( I probably should of primed first but I'm impatient when it comes to finishing projects!)  

Then it was onto staining the top. I don't have many progress pics of this process (see "impatient" above) but you get the point. For the stain color, I went with another favorite, Miniwax's Golden Pecan. (If there's anything you take away from this post, just know that if I painted something white or stained a piece, it's 99% most likely BM's White Dove and Miniwax's Golden Pecan 😉)

thrift store coffee table makeover

Just last week, I finally got around to sealing the wood and paint. I like to use Miniwax's Polycrylic in Clear Matte to protect our furniture projects. It doesn't turn our white paint yellow over time like polyurethane does. It's also far less smelly to work with.

I wouldn't label this the most extreme furniture makeover EVER. As I mentioned, I was fortunate to find it in such good shape, but boy am I extremely pleased with how the coffee table turned out! Originally, I planned on using it in our family room, but it's convinced me otherwise. I guess you could say it's found it's new home!

wood and white coffee table

two tone coffee table

As for the rest of the room, aside from the curtains (which I'll share about in an upcoming post), I feel like things are kind of on a standstill right now. In my mind the next step would be to get a new couch and accent chairs ( I still can't stand how that couch matches all of my wood tones!), but other projects and financial commitments have kind of pushed those things to the side right now. Plus, it's summer break and my kids allow me ZERO time to window shop. Geesh, darn kids.

P.S. You can see all of my living room plans here along with the new gallery wall I revealed back in spring! Sources for our decor are included.

Peel-and-Stick Paint for Your Walls and Furniture


 Fact: I'm in the Guinness World Record books for being the slowest decorator ever. Okay, so maybe that's not a fact but you guys have heard me mention it a time or two (or three) that I often deal with decor paralysis when it comes to decorating my house. So that's why I was super excited when this temporary, peel-and-stick paint came knocking on my door. That's right, PEEL-AND-STICK-PAINT! Did you even know such a thing even existed? It's so ingenious I wish I would of thought of it first!

 For quite some time now, I've been hemming and hawing over whether or not I should paint the inside of our antique dining room hutch?

antique hutch
Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and are not influenced by the developing company in any way.

I like how the white dishes and decor contrast against the wooden shelves, but sometimes I crave a pop of color in there. The problem was I didn't want to commit to painting them, not like it, and then regret losing the wooden tones. Surrrre...you can strip and scrape paint off but let's be real, I have incomplete projects from two years ago, we all know this isn't something I would get to right away, if even at all. This is when TemPAINT entered the picture!

Originally created for dorm dwellers, where painting is generally a no-no (where was this when I was in college?!), TemPAINT, is now an easy, and affordable solution for renters, decor enthusiasts, and indecisive folks like me 😊

This stuff is essentially like removable wallpaper, except it has the look and feel of paint texture. I got to try out the Seattle Blue color. Whether you're a fan of red or green or black, there's pretty much an option for everyone.

removable paint

The only other materials I needed to complete this project were scissors and a measuring tape.  Yipee! A low-supply makeover, my type of project!

Even though the application process is pretty straight-forward (clean your surface, peel off the back, apply, and smooth) I still recommend checking out this quick video tutorial on their website. I was able to start and finish "painting" my hutch in one afternoon during nap time.

lined shelves

I was happy with the dose of color it brought to this space! I will point out that TemPAINT's primary purpose is for walls and I did reach out to the company's rep prior to applying it to my hutch to make sure it was okay for furniture. They informed me that furniture could be a little more trickier than walls, but that customers had most certainly used it in the past on pieces they wanted to rehab. They cautioned me on using it on any family heirlooms or super expensive pieces since treatments can vary. So just wanted to put that out there!

I will agree that lining these shelves was a little tricky at times as I was applying from left to right  (where as on a wall, you would be applying from the top and then just smoothing down) and the shelves go wider than what you can see from the outside of the hutch, so it was tight quarters at times. But all in all, it was a fairly simple process and when I got into a bind with the paper it was easy to gently remove it and reapply.

paint inside of a hutch

The only issue I had with the "paint" sticking was underneath the top and middle shelves, where I folded it down to cover the "lips" (not sure what to call it?) and I'm pretty sure it's because it's raw wood underneath. As I said, this product is primarily for walls, so just keep this in mind if you have a furniture piece you are contemplating working with!

I think this stuff is fabulous for lining shelves and is a great way to temporarily bring color to the inside of a cabinet or bookcase. Another great way to use TemPAINT would be if you wanted add "painted" stripes or shapes to an accent wall, you could just cut the stuff and apply.  What about your office? HR or maintenance won't let you paint? TemPaint to the rescue! I even saw on their gallery page that someone used it on a refrigerator!

blue painted furniture

blue painted furniture ideas


The best part about TemPAINT is that it helped end my constant battle with myself on whether I should paint the inside of this hutch. I mean how do I end world hunger? Do I paint my hutch? These are the important questions that keep me up at night! 😉 Don't get me wrong, the blue hutch is fun right now and I enjoy having it around but I know in my heart of hearts I'll crave the wood shelves in a few months and how nice is it that in 10 minutes top I can revert it right back to it's original self?!