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Top 6 Post and Projects of 2019

Hello, friends and hello, 2020! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. Doesn't the end of the year always feel like a crazy mix of both pure bliss and chaos? I actually came down with a really bad cold and a sinus infection from hell Christmas morning. How's that for timing? It took over a week and a trip to Immediate Care to finally shake it. Fortunately, I was feeling human again right in time to celebrate the New Year and a new age (I'm a January 2nd baby 😉), so thankfully our holiday break did end on a good note! Hoping your Christmas was a little more germ-free.

So now that we're all caught up, let's get on to one of my favorite blog posts of the year; your most-read Delightfully Noted posts from the previous year. Today I'm sharing the top 6 posts and projects of 2019. I can't say that we checked off an overwhelming amount of house projects this past year but I'm learning to accept the fact that with two young kids in the house, it's just the season of life we're in right now. There's always next year, right?!


Still one of my favorite thrifty finds to date! See more here...

You guys were just as intrigued by this peel-and-stick temporary paint as I was! Perfect for those of us who like to change up our decor every three days. You can see all the details here....

This hack saved my sanity!

It's clear to me that I shared A LOT of things about walls this past year!🤣

Never underestimate a blank wall! Wish I would of done this DIY years ago.

And the #1 most popular post of 2019 goes to our gallery wall! I'm glad you guys liked this space as much as I do. Last year I made it a goal to get more of our pictures off of our computers and onto our walls (I've always been horrible about getting pictures printed and displayed). I highly recommend doing a gallery wall somewhere in your house of your favorite people. It'll bring a smile to your face every time you walk into the room!

And there you have it! I can't wait to start on new projects this year. Our main focus is going to be our kitchen! I'll be sharing more details on that soon, so stay tuned!

Sage Green and Blue Christmas Dining Room

I've officially finished decking the halls! As much as I love decorating, it's always a relief to FINALLY be done. Last week I shared our sage green and blue Christmas tree tour, and today I'm sharing how I carried that color theme into our dining room.

PS. I was hoping the weather would cooperate and give me a little peek of sunshine while photographing this space but I should of known better, it's winter in the Midwest! Which means it's day after day of gloomy, blah-ish skies...so please forgive the subpar pics!

christmas dining room decorations

In the past, I stuck with rather simple dining room centerpieces. We typically host my side of the family for Christmas dinner and the idea of putting a lot of thought and effort into really dressing up the table, only to have to remove it for our gathering always personally seem like a waste of time for me. But this year my SIL and I switched hosting assignments and since we'll be traveling to their home for the holidays I thought it was a great time to be a tad bit more elaborate with my table decor!

christmas table tree decorating ideas

dining room christmas decoration ideas

I didn't really have any ideas in mind for our tablescape until I spotted these fair isle embossed Christmas trees. I thought the glass design on them with their brass bases were so pretty. I paired the trio of them with some soft green trees I picked up at a local antique store. They're actually candles but I can't imagine anyone would ever want to burn them!

glass christmas tree decor

I scattered ornaments, mercury glass, and and my candlestick decor among the trees to help add more shape and textural variety.

I love the view from the other end of the table with the magical twinkling of the Christmas tree lights in the background.

christmas hutch decor

As with every season, our antique hutch is the perfect place for me to display some of my favorite thrifty finds. Groupings of small bottle brush trees inside my ironstone help set a more festive, wintery scene.

christmas hutch decorations

green and neutral christmas decor ideas

I played a little musical chairs with the furniture in our living room since we needed to make room for the Christmas tree, therefore, the blue catalog dresser made it's way in here and I actually think this may be it's new home. I always felt like this wall between our windows needed something and never realized until now that this piece was the perfect size for it.

I didn't get any close-up shots of it but that little Norfolk tree back in our corner cabinet makes me so happy. I love the simplicity of it sitting in one of my sage green thrift store vessels.

And that's a wrap on our Christmas dining room! I did my best on trying to stick with mainly soft greens to compliment my everyday blues and so far it feels like just the right amount of color. I'm hoping to photograph and share the rest of our holiday home tour next week but EEK time is getting away from us, we're 2 weeks away from the big day, guys! 

You can shop this post by clicking the links below.

Bistro Chairs from Restoration Hardware-similar chairs here
Upholstered End Chairs from World Market
Sage Green Tapered Candles from Joann's Fabric
Little Norfolk Tree- Home Depot

*Please note if it's not mentioned it's most likely old, thrifted, or second-hand.

Blue and Sage Green Christmas Tree

Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let's just say my jeans were feeling a little more snug than usual this morning. Ugh...the holiday calories are upon us, friend! 

 On another note, I've been meaning to share our blue and sage green Christmas tree with you guys for the past few weeks, but life has been chaotic with the holidays, kids, and a new puppy (more on that later!) So today seem like a fitting time to finally share since I know most of you have also been working on putting up your Christmas decor as well.

Pssst...I'm also participating in the 2019 Holiday House Walk over on Jennifer Rizzo's blog. If you're looking for a ton of Christmas decor inspiration (or just love peeking legally in people's houses!) you won't want to miss it!

blue and green christmas decor ideas

blue green gold christmas tree ornaments

My holiday color palette was inspired by a photo I had seen on Instagram last month of a Christmas tree featuring beautiful soft greens and denim blues. The color scheme isn't exactly what I orginally had planned, but after searching long and hard for ornaments in a particular blue tone with no luck, I had to move on to plan B. And I have to say I'm really, really happy with how it turned out! 

blue and soft green christmas gift wrap ideas

I spruced up our tree with two different styles of ribbon this year; the blue velvet ribbon I had from last year's Christmas tree. The pretty sage green and gold ribbon I found at Home Depot. I really needed to introduce more pattern into the mix and I think it did just the job! The tree skirt is actually two sage green ticking stripe curtains I had laying around in the basement. 

The ornaments are a mix of old and new but the tree trimming I'm most excited about are the taper candles! You guys know how I love to add small touches of vintage decor around my home. Well, for two years now I have wanted to add candles to the Christmas tree and just never got around to ordering them. This year I. MADE. IT. HAPPEN!! And oh my gosh, they surpassed my expectations (I'll share sources below) They're battery-operated and come with a remote control (yay for anything that makes life even a tad easier!) You can also control the brightness of the lights or make them flicker like real candles (minus the fire hazard).

christmas tree candles

They add such a beautiful ambiance to the tree and give me all the warm feels. Seriously, I'm slightly infatuated with them. I keep making my family look at them and "ooh" and "aww" over them with me. I'm pretty sure they'll be tired of hearing about these candles by the end of the season!

 I included a video so you could see how they flicker. WARNING MUSIC INCLUDED: If you're at work you may want to turn your speakers down so Janet from accounting doesn't give you any dirty looks.

 When it comes to coffee table decor, I tend to overthink it. This year I wanted simple, so I went with a big bowl of beautifully curated ornaments accented by a small twig of greenery. 

simple christmas coffee table decor ideas

bowl of ornament table decor

blue and green christmas tree color palette

decorating with blues and greens for christmas

I added small touches of Christmas to our gallery wall as well. We got this console table at the beginning of the year, so it was fun to have a new space to decorate this holiday season.

A white, rustic nutcracker serves as a festive book end.

white rustic nut cracker

I love accessorizing with faux presents during the holidays (especially before I've finished all my Christmas shopping). Some times I wrap empty boxes, sometimes it's puzzles or things we have around the house. It's cheap, it's easy and it's great times sitting back watching your kids and husband think they're being all sneaky shaking their gifts🤣 (Oh! And I mark with a pencil an * on the back so I don't confuse the fake with the real presents!)

Christmas Candle Trees

The opposite end of the table was adorned with a trio of white bottlebrush trees.
I added a throw to the basket below to up the coziness factor.

decorating with bottle brush christmas trees

christmas gallery wall

And that's our tree for this year! Or I guess I should say that's my tree for the year. Some of you may recall, our living room tree is all mine to play decorator on and then the family gets to help with our 12 footer that we put up in the family room (I mean I allow them to believe they're helping and then when they're not looking I rearrange! Shhhh.....don't tell them). 

Oh! And about that puppy! I realized if you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram you weren't aware of our newest addition. Meet Odie. He's part doxie, part cute, and part crazy! He's adjusting quite well and him and our one-year old pup, Milo, have become instant BFFS (most of the time).
It has added some additional chaos on the home front but as is life, right?!

puppy christmas tree

I hope you enjoy your first week of December!

Living Room Sources
If it's not mentioned, it's most likely old, thrifted, or passed on to me.

Christmas Tree

Sage Green Gold Ribbon (only sold in-store)

Snowflakes ornaments-Hobby Lobby

Large gold ornaments -At Home 

Blue Polka Dot and Sage Green Wrapping Paper, Light Blue Velvet Ribbon, and Green Ribbon-

Gallery Wall

White Rustic Nutcracker-Local Grocery Store

Coffee Table-DIY Thrift Store Find-You can read more about that here.