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Top 4 Fall Decor Color Schemes for Your Home

When it comes to fall decorating, I'm all about the non-traditional color schemes. I mean what kind of cruel world would we be living in if the shades of the season were limited to just black and orange? Every September, (or October, depends how motivated I am that year) I love dreaming up a new fall color palette for our home. There are so many beautiful color combos out there, it's sometimes hard to just pick one! I thought it would be fun if I shared some of the ones I'm crushing on this year just in case y'all are looking for some inspiration too!

blue and orange fall decorating ideas

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It's no secret blue incorporated into any color scheme would be my favorite, but I find it particularly visually appealing for fall, especially when paired with orange. It's playful like the customary orange and black, therefore, it's a great color combination for you traditionalist who are venturing out of your comfort zone for the first time! I always like to add in a few wood tones, like the curled wreath,  to subdue bold colors and calm things down a bit.

fall color palette

This fall color scheme is a front runner for my fall palette this year.  Judging by the fact that this, this, this, and this has all come home with me in the past few weeks, you can say I'm pretty obsessed with this color right now! I mean it's wine-based, how could I not be?  It's rich, and warm, and sophisticated (basically the way people describe me! Ha! I kid) and pairing it with gold and navy just takes it to a whole new level of gorgeousness!

neutral and black fall color scheme

This one is for you neutral lovers! I'm a huge fan of the light, raw wood look and pairing it with black makes for the perfect marriage.  I love how this palette is cozy with just a touch of spookiness for Halloween. It just gives off that Sleepy Hollow type of vibe, you know without the cheesiness. Not that riding around on a horse decapitated is cheesy or anything! Geesh, the last thing I want to do is to offend the Headless Horseman Association (I'm pretty sure such an organization exists!)

burnt orange and grey fall color palette

Lovely shades of burnt orange, combined with calming greys, feels particularly fitting for the autumn season. This color combo seems to capture the crisp but cozy feel of an October night. Just looking at that beautiful throw makes me want take a nap!

Awww! I wish I had four houses to decorate so I can play with all of these fall color schemes! Which one is your favorite?

Card Catalog Dresser Makeover

It feels like just yesterday I was running across the aisles of our local Goodwill, pushing my way through overstuffed racks, and jumping over rabid children to get to this faux card catalog dresser. In reality it's been almost two years since this little guy came into our life. Six bucks is all it took to bring him home. I had grand plans for this dresser and then, well, life got in the way and it was yet another project added to my "some day" list.

faux card catalog

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Here's a glimpse of  the card catalog in it's humble beginnings. The bad news is this is one of the few "before" pictures I have of this dresser thanks to a computer virus (story of my life), and I realize when decorated, it actually doesn't look half bad. But it was a tad too orangey for my taste and it had a TON of scratches and nicks in the wood and an old, purple nail polish spill on top. It was pretty much screaming for a makeover.

Now for the good news...."some day" came and our card catalog dresser finally got it's well-deserved facelift!

card catalog dresser makeover

I had actually painted the bottom of the dresser last Fall. It's a custom color I created, however, I can't recall the ratio and I can only remember one of the paint colors I used. Seriously, what kind of blogger am I?? But basically I mixed some Martha Stewart Sailor Blue Chalk Paint with a dark grey paint. I love how it turned out, kind of reminds me of denim and what girl doesn't love her denim? Not to be biased or anything towards my yoga pants cause lord knows I love 'em too!

It took me until last week to get to the top of the card catalog. Let me just note that I have post traumatic stress just looking at that hand sander. I attempted for an hour to get all of the previous gunk off the top of the dresser with not much luck and then in walks my hubby later that night all like "You know a belt sander would take that right off, right?" *Facepalm*

refurbished wood furniture

sanding top of dresser

Once everything was sanded down and cleaned off , I went to town staining the top.
I used one of my all-time favorite stain colors, Miniwax Weathered Oak.  It's the same stain I worked with in our playroom on the planked walls. It's got some grey in it but it's just the perfect stain for when you just want to highlight the grains of light wood. It gave the top of this dresser a butcher block look and I love me some butcher block

wood painted card catalog

Goodwill furniture makeover

I was really on the fence on if I should go dark or light with the stain on top. I asked for opinions both on my Insta stories and Facebook page and it was pretty tied for "light" versus "either would look nice".  I was gravitating more towards light stain once I saw how beautiful the wood was after sanding it. I've been on a huge raw wood kick lately and felt like the lighter top would flow well with our current decor.

card catalog drawers

two tone wood card catalog

farmhouse style ironstone

I haven't decided on it's permanent home but for now I love seeing our card catalog peeking out from the back of our dining room. I do, however, envision it making its way eventually into a master bedroom makeover some time in the future.

thrift store furniture makeover

making over thrift store furniture

This card catalog makeover really rejuvenated my love for making over furniture. Even after all these years of refurbishing pieces, I'm still amazed how easy it is to transform one's trash into another's treasure! 

DIY White Kitchen Shelves

Last week I shared how I overcame my decor paralysis and finally selected some new kitchen chairs. Well guess what? I also FINALLY decided what I wanted to do with our blank shiplap wall; cue the DIY white shelves!

white kitchen shelves

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Honestly, I knew shelves would ultimately end up in this space but I tinkered with other ideas (i.e. oversized clock, large wall sign, etc..) for quite some time because shelves felt so predictable! Once I succumbed and realized they were the best choice for this space (mind you this was 1 year, 8 months, and 16 days later....but who's counting?), my hubby and I ventured out to the hardware store to pick up our materials.

wood for DIY shelves

We decided instead of ripping our own boards for the shelf that it would look nicer if we went with pre-cut solid Aspen boards (bad assumption but more on that later!) We purchased two 1x8-6' boards and then I hemmed and hawed for quite some time (is that a surprise?) over two final design decisions; the type of brackets to use and the color of the shelving. 

Should I go the chic industrial steel route for the brackets? Will the shelves look nice stained or painted? Will these things fall down in the middle of the night resulting in some embarrassing 911 call? Holy mermaid, my brain comes so close to exploding every time I have to make decor decisions! As you can see I went the wooden bracket route and painted the shelves white (Benjamin Moore White Dove to match the shiplap) and I'm pretty darn happy with them.

farmhouse shelf decor ideas

I was even happier that I got to use my new Homeright Finish sprayer  to paint the shelves. This was a Christmas gift from my hubby last year and it is a serious game changer! I'm really lazy when it comes painting....like I can't stand the prep work or the cleaning up part and some how it always ends up with my husband threatening to divorce me over another one of his ruined paint brushes (apparently I'm really bad at cleaning them). It takes a little practice to get use to the pressure, but seriously it made the whole painting process less tedious and may have possibly saved my marriage.

To hang the shelves:

  • Using a measuring tape and level, measure and mark your wall with a pencil for shelf placement. 
  • Anchor screws into the drywall (preferably directly into a stud) and hang your brackets onto the screws (ours came with pre-drilled holes on the back).
  • Once the brackets are securely hung, attach your 6' piece of wood on top of the brackets by drilling screws into the top of the brackets through the wood board. 
  • Then accessorize!

measuring for shelves how to hang shelves on the wall

hanging shelves diy

On a side note, one of our shelves ended up being warped despite the fact that we stood in the hardware store for twenty minutes studying each board carefully. Unfortunately, I had already painted it by time we noticed it so we couldn't return it. Womp, womp.

We were both annoyed that we had splurged a little by purchasing the pre-made shelves thinking we would avoid warpness (I think I just made up a word). So annoyed neither of us wanted to run out and buy another one, so we hung it anyways. I have plans to replace it one day because it kind of drives me nuts! Honestly though, none of our friends and family have noticed until I point it out. And I do that a lot because I prefer not to pout alone.

shiplap in the kitchen

I haven't quite figured out how I want to decorate these bad boys (another reason why I was so hesitant on adding shelves!) but I'm having fun playing around with them in the mean time. 

I really would like to find a nice wooden sign the shape and size of the shutter to go above the top shelf and leave the bottom shelf for accessories. A whole row of vintage scales would be fun, don't you think?

shelf decorating ideas

white kitchen chairs

kitchen table chairs white

 There's still a list of things on my to-do list for this space (like find a new rug!) but I'm happy that this room keeps chugging along. Gasp! Maybe it will even be done by Christmas. Don't hold your breath.

DIY white shelves

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