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DIY Arched Window Frame Decor

Oh, I'm in love! I think this latest project really helped shake me out of my creative rut!

This DIY arched window frame is one of those projects that took longer than I anticipated and it didn't exactly go as I had planned, but I ain't mad at it because it ended up a-okay in my book! Don't you love when that happens? The cherry on top is that this project was super inexpensive too, even with all my mistakes.

thrift store mirror makeover
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So a few months ago, I stumbled across this old mirror at our local Goodwill (excuse the phone pics!) I really liked the arched details on it. It reminded me a lot of the pretty cathedral mirrors that are trending right now. The wood was a tad dark for my liking but I knew with a little paint I could make it more my style and heck, for $4.99, I didn't care if  it had Small Pox on it, I was bringing it home!

Originally, I was just going to paint it all white but changed my mind (story of my life!) at the last minute and decided to try to give it a two-tone makeover after stumbling across this pretty mirror at Kirkland's.

two tone cathedral wood mirror


 I decided for my mirror I wanted to paint the outside frame white and sand down the inside arch part to a lighter wood tone. My only hesitation was that the arch part is pretty narrow and intricate and I was worried about scratching the mirror with the hand sander but I thought if I was really careful it would probably be fine (boy, would I eat those words later!)

So I carried on with my plans and went to town painting and sanding. I had some paint left over from the nursery dresser makeover, so I just used that. The color is called Lace and it's by Vintage Market & Design.  This whole project should of only taken a day, but it took weeks because you know....KIDS!

vintage market paint

I attempted to be really cautious when sanding the inside arch, even used a small finger sander but you know how power tools can sometimes have a mind of their own? Well, the mirror got all kinds of scratches and was completely ruined!

I know what you're thinking? Why didn't I just remove the mirror? Trust me, I briefly considered that but this was such a heavy, old thing, that it seriously look like the pieces were REALLY glued together and that there were about a million staples on the back. I just assumed it would be a nightmare to try to remove. Well, friends, if there's one lesson you learn from this post, it's never assume!

removing the back of the mirror

After mentioning my disappointment to my hubby regarding the whack job I did on this project he walked outside and seriously popped the mirror off in like two minutes. *Facepalm*

The good news is one; when I purchased the mirror there was actually one big scratch on it that I mistook for glue and thought I could get it off, so the mirror was blemished anyways and two; the second I saw the frame and the mirror separated, I knew I could still redeem myself! The frame by itself reminded me of all the beautiful wooden arch window frames that are also having a moment right now. At that point I decided to paint the whole thing white, distress it a little with my hand sander, and call it a day!

wooden window cut out
And here she is now in all her glory! I'm still contemplating where her final home will be (guest room maybe?) but for now I love how she looked near our shiplap wall in the kitchen.

vintage inspired wooden arched window

wooden arch window frame wall art

The arched frame serves as the perfect backdrop for my Forysthia wreath, don't you think? It will be fun changing that up for the different seasons. Oh, in case you're wondering, I attached it to the frame with my invisible wreath hanging trick.

Here's a close-up that shows more of the light distressing I did to the frame. I love when the wood in my home has a subtle worn look to it. I personally think it adds character.

distressed painted wood

So despite this project not turning out how I originally imagined, I'm still super duper in love with the end results. Plus, after checking out wooden arched window frames on Etsy, I'm realizing this was quite a steal!

round farmhouse table

Make sure to pin the image below and let me know what thrifty deals you've found lately!
DIY Wooden Arched Window Frame Wall Decor

Building a Dining Room Cabinet

I feel like our dining room makeover has been moving at the pace of a snail and well, that's because it HAS been. Like a very, very old snail out for a Sunday-drive-type-of-slow but now it's time for us to tackle a project!  You see this view? There's two things that irk me every time I look into this space; the carpet (but that's a story for another day) and that awkward corner to the back left of our dining room table. 

farmhouse dining room table

 I have spent countless hours, COUNTLESS HOURS, I tell you, trying to figure out what to do there. I've racked my brain, I've perused Pinterest, I've scoured the pages of my home decor catalogs, and I've stalked Instagram's decor world, and in the end I've always come back to the idea that a corner cabinet is the only solution. 

Cue the obsessive year-long Craig's List and thrift store searches, but unfortunately, nothing ever panned out. Womp, womp.  All of the corner cabinets/hutches I found were either too tall, or too short, or too big, or too small, (gosh, I can relate, Goldilocks!) Nothing was just right. At that point, I realized we would just have to build our own corner cabinet, but I sat on that idea for quite some time because life was busy with a new baby and all. Then one day Jen of My Purposed Place shared the new corner cabinets her hubby built for her kitchen and I was suddenly really eager to get this project going! (So thanks, Jen!)

kitchen corner cabinets

And as if on cue, shortly after this inspiring moment I was contacted by a rep from CabinetDoorMart to see if we had any projects coming up that required the use of cabinet doors. Funny you should ask, because a matter of fact I did! And that leads us to where we are now, building our own dining room corner hutch!

DIY corner cabinet for dining room

So as you can see, we still have a ways to go but I wanted to hop on to share the progress with you all. Eventually there are going to be a set of custom-sized Shaker style doors on the bottom and glass doors on top (eek, I can't wait!) Also, we do plan on making this look like a built-in with out really building it in (you following?) I'm REALLY pleased with how it's coming along and I promise once it's all said and done we'll share all the deets, including a tutorial on we built this bad boy and which specific doors we went with from CabinetDoorMart. I'm sure I'll share more sneak peeks and progress pics over on Instagram, in case you'd like to follow along!

In the mean time, here are a few pics that I pinned when working on the blueprint for this cabinet.This first one makes my heart go pitter-patter! I love me some wood tones!

bathroom cabinet

This white corner cabinet is the closest to what mine will (hopefully!) look like.

corner hutch dining room

This cabinet from The Golden Sycamore has always been a fave of mine!

vintage dining room cabinet

Here's another gorgeous farmhouse-style one!

white farmhouse cabinet

Aren't these all lovely? Which one is your favorite?

Nursery Closet

Last summer I shared baby girl's nursery, so I figured it was high time I shared her closet and how I organized it (or at least part of it, since I'm still figuring some of it out!)

When I was pregnant with our first, I remember being overwhelmed with how to organize all the baby necessities. The bibs, the diapers, burp cloths, wipes, their itty bitty clothes and their mouse-size shoes (Psssh...shoes? First time mom right there!); there was just SO MUCH stuff! Eventually, I figured out a system for Little B's closet and dresser that still continues to serve us well today, even though it's been slightly altered since we now live in a different house. 

When it came to this nursery, I was all for not having to reinvent the wheel, especially after suffering from morning sickness for seven long months. So I took the easy way out, and pretty much cloned his closet.

baby closet organization
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Hands down, the most useful thing we incorporated in Little B's closet was a cubed organizer.  For a baby's room, it was the perfect solution to storing burp cloths, crib sheets, blankets, and baby toys. Nowadays we use it to organize his overflowing book collection and random toys. So I immediately knew I wanted one for baby girl's closet too.

Both of our cubed organizers are from Target (although I was super lucky to score Little B's brand new at Goodwill!) I find the 9 cubbie ones work best and provide ample amount of storage, even in small spaces. FYI-there's a full source list at the end of this post.

baby closet ideas

I used these fabric bins (in chevron light pink) in four of the cubbies to store a variety of things (burp cloths, crib sheets, etc...) The gingham bucket was a thrift store find and the basket on top I got years ago from Target. Right now I'm using it for hats and baby bonnets.

At the top of the closet, I use the cute striped bins for organizing diapers and baby wipes (extra boxes to the side). 

baby closet organization ideas

We've always been a plastic hanger type of family but I've heard great things about velvet hangers and decided to give them a try and I have to say I've been converted! I used these kid's beige velvet hangers and not only does the decor OCD side of me love that they coordinate with her closet colors (because that's important ya know!) but they really do help maximize your closet space. They are too big for tiny, newborn size clothes and some three month old sizes, but 6 months and up they work perfect and should follow her all through elementary school.

Anything that is a complete set, dress, or coat/sweatshirt gets hung. And then random onesies, pants, pajamas, (and anything too small to hang) goes folded into her dresser/changing table.

baby dresser organization

The second most useful thing I found when we did Little B's closet, was to use clothing dividers. These are a godsend if your hubby is ever in charge of dressing your kid! I thought these polka dot ones were sweet and girly.

baby closet dividers

baby closet organization

So there you have it, the most organized space in our house right now!
I'm still working out the left side of the closet but currently it's where I stored our baby carrier, clothes 12 months and up, hamper, and a few other random things. I wanted to use this space for a while to see what may work best for us and our needs before finishing up the rest of the closet. You would think by 8 months I would have it figured out but Rome wasn't built in a day my friends, or apparently in 8 months either, so stay tuned!

Source List