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Amazon Thanksgiving Table Decor Finds

For many of us Thanksgiving will look different this year, but I actually think it's more fun decorating a table for a small gathering than a large one (just think.....less $$$ and time to dress a table for say 4 or 5 versus 10 to12 people!!) In a year that has been less than stellar, it feels nice to fancy things up for once, even if it is just for your household. There's also no reason to break the bank over it either! So today I'm sharing a round-up of some of my favorite Thanksgiving table finds on Amazon!

thanksgiving table decor from Amazon

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase using these links. This is at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Dried Wheat|  My favorite foilage to decorate with this time of year.

Colored Wine Glasses| The color of these are gorgeous! Could use for Christmas, spring, and Easter tablescapes too.

Serving Set| This brand always puts out the cutest stuff.

Placecard Holders| Easy way to make a dinner seem super special.

Cloth Napkins| Great colors for everyday use as well.

Blessing Jar| Even during one of the worst years it's important to remember the silver linings!

Salad Plates| These are beautiful! I want them.

Turkey Wine Chiller| Possibly my FAVORITE Thanksgiving find! Soooooo cute!

Before and After: The Powder Room Makeover

For the past few weeks we've been working on our first room makeover in our new house; the powder room. I'm so excited to show you some before and after photos of this space. When we moved into this ol' home of ours two months ago it looked like this. 

powder room

Some of you may recall from the house tour ( and yes, I know I still owe you part 2!) that this powder room sits right off our kitchen. I mean RIGHT off our kitchen. Of course, it wouldn't be my preference to have a toilet just a few steps from where I cook, but from my understanding this use to be the pantry and was really the only place they could squeeze a bathroom into. 

As with most of the rooms in this house, it felt dull and outdated (and I mean in a 90's kind of way not in a 108 year old historical way). Over the past few weeks, we freshened and brightened it up. Added some more charm and personality to it, while still making it fit in with our old house style. It's the main bathroom that guests will use (Remember what it was like to have a house full of guests? Yeah, me neither. Darn pandemic!) and one of the first rooms you see when you enter through our back porch. I'm so happy with how it came out that I don't even close the door on it anymore. Here's what it looks like now!

Powder Room Bead Board

 As you can see, we worked with a lot of things we already had, like that gorgeous antique mirror and pedastal sink.

One of the first things we did was to remove the hand-painted leaf trim that bordered the entire room. My hubby REALLY had a major distaste for it and the funny thing is we discovered a whole bunch of extra pieces of it stored away in the basement. So if this home decor trend ever makes it full circle, we'll be set!😂

Beadboard ideas

To up the charm factor and as a nod to what millwork was popular in the early 1900's, I had my heart set on adding beadboard to this room. After coming across this gorgeous green-grey(ish) wainscoting in Studio McGee's guest room, I knew this was the route I was going to take. Actually, their bathroom was pretty much the entire inspiration for our powder room.

 Paint color is Pigeon by Farrow & Ball that I had color matched at Sherwin Williams and I can't even put into words how GORGEOUS this shade is!! I'm so obsessed I could talk about it all day! 🤣 It's a little bit of a softer color in person than how it's showing in my pictures. The top of the wall is my go-to paint color, White Dove by Benjamin Moore. I never tire of it.

vintage powder room
The window and door trim I ended up also painting in White Dove but in a semi-gloss finish. I did play around with the idea of painting the trim the same color as the beadboard, but in the end I really liked how the uniform color brought in a clean, fresh look to the room.

We didn't intend on changing out the high-back toilet but a leaky pipe led us down that path. I do like that the modern toilet takes up less real-estate. I switched out the brass toilet paper stand for one we had in our upstairs bathroom. 

The old faucet was obnoxious and sprayed everywhere. Sticking with the vintage theme, we replaced it with this polished chrome faucet.  


Vintage faucet sink

budget friendly faucet

I wish I could capture a better view of how nicely this botanical art work compliments the beadboard color, but you have to be a bit of a contortionist to photograph this small room😅 I picked it up last month at an antique warehouse sale and originally had plans to hang it in the sitting room, but once I started painting I knew this is where it was meant to be. I'm so in love with the scalloped picture mat in this!

botanical print

Here's a view from the other side of the room. Originally, there was a brass towel ring hanging super,super low on that narrow door wall. Like at the height of a leprechaun. It was weird.  We replaced it with a chrome ring and raised it to normal height.

I'm still debating on if I should put the brass sconces back up on the side of the mirror. I do like them but I'm really aiming for simplicity in here. Plus, without the candlesticks in here, it's one less thing to dust! What do you guys think? Leave it as is or add the sconces back? 

antique mirror

vintage chrome sink faucet

The old stool we picked up at a pop-up barn sale one day while walking around down town. It's the perfect height to help my little wash her hands (or just to obnoxiously play in the sink!)

As you can see, we also kept the lighting in here. I'm not a fan of all the fixtures in this home, but this one passes the test for me. The ceiling was done by the previous owners and I love the subtle texture it brings to the room. 

before and after

wallpapered ceiling

Let's take another look at a before and after, shall we?

old house decor

It's so nice to have a space in here that feels more like our style, even if it's only the bathroom!
I have to say it's fun but also challenging trying to add our own touch while attempting to respect the history of this ol' lady. I don't want to goof it up, so I hope I have done her justice with our first room makeover!

Sources Below

Paint Colors: 
Beadboard - Pigeon by Farrow & Ball
Upper Wall - White Dove by Benjamin Moore

WE MOVED! Our 1913 Queen Anne Tour Part 1

We moved!!! For those of you who follow me over on Instagram and Facebook, I know this news has already been discussed ad nauseam (sorry, not sorry😉). But for those of you who are only blog subscribers, well, this explains my 5 month (ish) blog hiatus. 

To make a long story short, we were not seeking a move, especially out of Illinois, but right smack dab at the beginning of the world going to COVID ish, my hubby was offered a super great opportunity in Milwaukee. And so here we are today beginning our new chapter in America's Dairyland. Thank goodness we love cheese 😜 

And despite the fact that I just summed up our move in like two sentences, it really has been a long five months filled with craziness on top of the regular 2020 craziness. My husband started work pretty quickly after the offer came through. Which meant that he spent the whole summer living and working in Milwaukee, while I stayed back in Illinois with the kids and dogs to get the house ready to go on the market. Mark my words: I WILL NEVER SOLO PARENT DURING A PANDEMIC WHILE PREPARING FOR A MOVE AGAIN. I'm not a smoker but I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself "I could really go for a cigrarette right now."🤣

One day I will share more about our move and how it was house hunting during a pandemic (holy bananas, it TRULY is a "seller's market" right now!) but for now I want to get to the fun part, our "new" old house; Bruss Manor!

victorian hardware

It's been my dream for years to live in an old house and I feel both excited and blessed that we get to new be the new stewards of this 108 year old Queen Anne in a super charming historical town north of Milwaukee. 

queen anne

A little brief history, this house was originally built for the son and daughter-in-law of our city's first mayor. I always snicker to myself imagining the political gossip that perhaps took place between these walls over a hundred years ago. It's hard to believe this was built only a few years before prohibition started (maybe I'll be lucky and find some old liquor hidden in a wall!

The man we bought the house from had lived here for 20 years ( he eventually married within that time and his wife moved in as well)  They put ALOT of work into this house, from adding the main level bathroom to building a garage with a finished attic. That's only a brief example of some of the things they did. On top of that, they updated all of the mechanics (put in new pipes, updated the electric, added central air) and this is one of the many reasons we were attracted to this house. It's not always easy to find an old house where all of that has been upgraded! With that being said, you'll see that their taste was a bit more traditional. And although I can appreciate their style, it's not my cup of tea. When we were house hunting I was able to look past all of their heavy decor and see that this house had amazingly, charming good bones! I'm looking forward to adding our own touch to Bruss Manor!

NOTE: These pictures are a mix from when we did our first showing and move-in day, so that's why you'll see the previous owners furniture in some and not the others. I'm also sticking to just sharing the main level for part 1, otherwise we'd be here all day!

sun porch

I'll eventually share more details on my vision for certain spaces, but for the sake of time I'll try to just stick to the picture tour today. With that being said, the sunporch is possibly my favorite place to hang out. 


There's a nice breezeway (with it's orginal beveled glass doors) that lead you from the sunroom to the grand foyer. All the original wood floors and trim has been untouched on this level. The younger version of me would of hated all the dark wood, but I've grown to appreciate it more over the years! 

grand room

To the immediate right of the breezeway is the parlor, or what is now our living room. As you can see, the previous owners were very traditional in their decor.

parlor room

Look! A pocket door! My husband and our real estate agent are well aware of how excited pocket doors make me 🤣 This one closes off the living room from the foyer.
 and it's suuuuper heavy!!

pocket door

Heading back through the grand foyer, I wanted to show you another favorite spot of mine;  the window seat alcove. Sigh....I hope to read there one day when all the unpacking is done.

window seat alcove

If you turn around from this view, you are then looking at the dining room. This is actually the only place that allows for a kitchen table, so we won't be using it as a formal dining room (heck, we rarely used the one at our old house!) 

That big spot in the middle of the floors is really the only major damage on any of the floors. Pretty good considering how old they are! However, I do have a plan to try to tackle that stain and eventually it'll be covered with a rug.

dining room

Some more views of the dining room. We definitely have a fair share of window seats in this house.

window seat in dining room

Let's head through that door into the butler pantry and kitchen.

dining room

Butler Pantry

I swore my next house would not have dark kitchen cabinets but yet here we are! I definitely have plans to liven this space up (heck, that's my plan for the whole house.....lighter and brighter!)

The brick chimney running through the kitchen is hands down my favorite feature in the kitchen. And major love to that stove! I don't think I have ever cooked on anything fancier than that beauty! 

You can see the servant's stairs off to the left.

            The small kitchen island was originally an antique tool chest that the previous owners had converted into an island.


The other really fun thing we have going on this house is a working dumbwaiter! It goes from the basement all the way up to the semi-finished attic. I haven't really played with it too much yet but just you wait 🤣 Maybe one day I'll share a quick video of it.

If you turn around from where I took this photo, it's another entrance back into the grand foyer. The whole main level is pretty much just one big circle.

dumbwaiter in kitchen

Off to the side of the kitchen we have our backdoor entrance with a small mudroom (which desperately needs to be made more functional!) and a powder room. At one time there was only one bathroom in this house, which was upstairs. The powder room use to be a pantry up until about 20 years ago. As much as I know a bathroom on the main level was a neccessity, I have a soft spot for old fashion pantries and would of loved to have seen it!

mud room

And that pretty much wraps up part one of our "new" old house tour! I hope you enjoyed seeing pics of our home. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you all and can't wait to get started on making over this ol' lady!