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How to Find Similar Home Decor Items for Less

How many times have you spotted a coffee table or light pendant on Pinterest or Instagram that you fall in love with only to discover that your said dream item is way out of your budget?  Well today I wanted to share the two tricks I always use to find less expensive options of my favorite pieces! 
These little shopping hacks have been a game changer when it comes to decorating my home and it has saved me a ton of money.
home decor shopping tips

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So what's my first shopping tool for when I'm looking for the luxe look for less?
Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool! This is probably one of my favorite features on Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool to Find Similar Home Decor Items for Less

1. Pull up the pinned image of your choice and then click the magnifying glass in the top right corner. If the image you are trying to source is on Instagram or some other media, you can always save it to your phone and upload it to Pinterest.
How to Use Pinterest's Visual Magnifying Tool

2. Then drag the selection box over the part of the pin you are interested in. 
For example, I really liked this chandelier hanging in Zevy Joy's gorgeous dining room. Once you select the item that has caught your eye, Pinterest will pull up similar items for you.

Pinterest visual search

3. Start perusing and clicking on the images to the right to find the sources and prices for your item. Some photos may link to a blog or other non-retailer pages, but you should have a handful that will actually lead to stores that sell the item (or similar ones) for you to purchase if you so desire.

The above example is a real-life search I conducted a few weeks ago while on the hunt for a new chandelier. I follow Zevy Joy on Instagram, so I know that she originally purchased her light from Pottery Barn. PB sells their chandelier for $499, which isn't exactly that expensive for a new dining room light fixture but you guys, I love the challenge of finding copycat decor for less. Call me weird, but seriously it's an obsession! 

candle chandeliers
$99 versus $499: The Look for Less!
Sources left to right: Lowe's Allen & Roth Chandelier and the Pottery Barn Armonk Chandelier

Thanks to the Pinterest Visual Magnifying Tool, I was able to find a very similar chandelier at Lowe's for just $99. The cherry on top was I had a 11% off coupon and scored the light for $89 (plus free shipping) That's a whopping $410 difference between Pottery Barn's version and Lowes (that's not even including the tax or shipping cost that may have accrued on the PB order). I'm no good at math but I'm pretty sure that is one hot deal and most importantly, I still have lots of money left over for Starbucks!

Now onto my second trick....Google!

How to Use Google to Find Similar Home Decor Items for Less

1. Copy the title of the item you're interested in. So for example, I found these set of chairs on Overstock.com and would like to see if this is the best price for them,so I highlight and copy their name.
bistro chairs
2. Open up Google, and paste the name/title in the search box. Your search results will show you if the item (or similar items) are cheaper any where else. As you can see below, the same chairs from Overstock are on sale for almost $170 less at another retailer.
sourcing home decor items for less

I've been surprised at how many times I have found the same item on multiple sites at a variety of prices! This was the case for when we recently purchased Little B's big boy bed. I originally spotted it on Overstock, but after a quick Google search, discovered the same exact bed was offered at a lower price on Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair. In the end, Wayfair won my business because of their free shipping and first time customer coupon discount (always look for extra discounts online or by joining the site's mailing list!)

Of course, always make sure to keep the cost of shipping in consideration. Sometimes the cheaper option isn't always the best deal if the retailer charges an expensive shipping or handling fee.

Now let's go shopping!

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Printable Barn Quilt Wall Banners

Happy February! Today I have a treat for you farmhouse lovers; a set of printable barn quilt banners! I'm even going to share a quick tutorial on how to make easy wooden hangers for these banners. As if that's not fun enough, I'm also joining forces with 9 other bloggers who are excited to share their simple DIY farmhouse projects with you too! A link to all of their lovely projects is listed at the end of this post, so make sure to check them all out.

DIY farmhouse projects

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy to learn more.

Barn quilts are hardly a new concept, a matter of fact they've been around for hundreds of years but I've been noticing them remerging as a fun, farmhouse wall decor trend lately and I admit I'm quite smitten with them!

Printable barn quilt

Incase you're scratching your head wondering what a barn quilt is (trust me, I was at one time too), they are essentially a large hand-painted piece of wood, typically comprised of geometric shapes, made to resemble a single quilt block. Back in the day people would hang these on the side or fronts of their barns. There's even a whole barn quilt trail you can tour if your heart so desires!

Farmhouse Barn Quilt

 I thought these printable banners would be a perfect way to honor this tradition and to add a little farmhouse charm to your home.

I created two different barn quilt patterns and designed a pair in black too. If you wanted, you could frame all of these to create a fun farmhouse style gallery wall!


Printable Barn Quilt patterns
All printables and downloads designed by Delightfully Noted are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter the file, claim as your own, or use for resale purposes.

How to make a wood hanger for your banner.

Supplies Needed

Balsa Wood ( I purchased this project bag so I could make a few banners)
Upholstery or Heavy Duty Stapler
Scissors or Paper Trimmer
Wood Stain

1. After downloading and printing your barn quilt on cardstock, take your strip of Balsa wood and line it up at the top edge of your cardstock and mark the width you'll want to cut your banner. I also trimmed off a little at the bottom of my cardstock right below the barn quilt pattern.

2. Stain your Balsa wood and allow to dry.

Stained wood

3. Once the wood has dried, cut your twine and attach the twine and banner to the back of the wood with an upholstery or heavy duty stapler.

twine crafts

Really simple, right? I love finding ways to add that farmhouse charm without breaking the bank.

Farmhouse printable

farmhouse printables

Printable banners

Ready for more farmhouse inspiration? Make sure to pay a visit to these fine ladies! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Friday's Dose of Delight

Happy Friday, friends. I've been fighting a cold the past few days so I couldn't be happier to see the weekend FINALLY here. So let's get this party started (said the lady drooping in her chair with a kleenex sticking out of her nostril). Here's a fun round-up of pretty, inspiring, and random things that caught my fancy this week!

This post contains affliliate links. Learn more by reading my full disclosure.
I'm pretty sure if I was to dream of stairs (not like tumbling down them like Scarlett O'hara type of dreams) these are the stairs I would want to be walking on! Aren't they heavenly?

I've been noticing wooden quilt-inspired wall art as an emerging trend and I LOVE it!
Haley of The Mountain View Cottage recently shared this tutorial on how she made these farmhouse quilt block signs for her daughter's nursery and I can't stop staring!

 Saw this interesting article for you fellow decor enthusiasts. 
I mean I will take watching HGTV over politics any day! Can I get an amen?!
Have you guys checked out the fairly new line at Target by Beekman 1802 FarmHouse. I can spend a whole pay check (or two) on their collection.

target pillow

Domino recently published a list of the 10 Best Home Design apps to download this year and there are quite a few goodies that you may have fun playing around with! I'm particularly fond of the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app. Snap a pic of any color that catches your eye and the app will find the best paint match for you. 

Have a delightful weekend! And as always, you can find me hanging out over on Instagram sharing more home decor inspiration and projects. Hope to see you there!

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