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Nursery Closet

Last summer I shared baby girl's nursery, so I figured it was high time I shared her closet and how I organized it (or at least part of it, since I'm still figuring some of it out!)

When I was pregnant with our first, I remember being overwhelmed with how to organize all the baby necessities. The bibs, the diapers, burp cloths, wipes, their itty bitty clothes and their mouse-size shoes (Psssh...shoes? First time mom right there!); there was just SO MUCH stuff! Eventually, I figured out a system for Little B's closet and dresser that still continues to serve us well today, even though it's been slightly altered since we now live in a different house. 

When it came to this nursery, I was all for not having to reinvent the wheel, especially after suffering from morning sickness for seven long months. So I took the easy way out, and pretty much cloned his closet.

baby closet organization
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Hands down, the most useful thing we incorporated in Little B's closet was a cubed organizer.  For a baby's room, it was the perfect solution to storing burp cloths, crib sheets, blankets, and baby toys. Nowadays we use it to organize his overflowing book collection and random toys. So I immediately knew I wanted one for baby girl's closet too.

Both of our cubed organizers are from Target (although I was super lucky to score Little B's brand new at Goodwill!) I find the 9 cubbie ones work best and provide ample amount of storage, even in small spaces. FYI-there's a full source list at the end of this post.

baby closet ideas

I used these fabric bins (in chevron light pink) in four of the cubbies to store a variety of things (burp cloths, crib sheets, etc...) The gingham bucket was a thrift store find and the basket on top I got years ago from Target. Right now I'm using it for hats and baby bonnets.

At the top of the closet, I use the cute striped bins for organizing diapers and baby wipes (extra boxes to the side). 

baby closet organization ideas

We've always been a plastic hanger type of family but I've heard great things about velvet hangers and decided to give them a try and I have to say I've been converted! I used these kid's beige velvet hangers and not only does the decor OCD side of me love that they coordinate with her closet colors (because that's important ya know!) but they really do help maximize your closet space. They are too big for tiny, newborn size clothes and some three month old sizes, but 6 months and up they work perfect and should follow her all through elementary school.

Anything that is a complete set, dress, or coat/sweatshirt gets hung. And then random onesies, pants, pajamas, (and anything too small to hang) goes folded into her dresser/changing table.

baby dresser organization

The second most useful thing I found when we did Little B's closet, was to use clothing dividers. These are a godsend if your hubby is ever in charge of dressing your kid! I thought these polka dot ones were sweet and girly.

baby closet dividers

baby closet organization

So there you have it, the most organized space in our house right now!
I'm still working out the left side of the closet but currently it's where I stored our baby carrier, clothes 12 months and up, hamper, and a few other random things. I wanted to use this space for a while to see what may work best for us and our needs before finishing up the rest of the closet. You would think by 8 months I would have it figured out but Rome wasn't built in a day my friends, or apparently in 8 months either, so stay tuned!

Source List

Industrial Grate Memo Board for Kid's Room

I know not everyone is a fan of the rusty industrial look when it comes to decorating. Heck, even I can only stand it in small doses, so it was no surprise when I came home from a market not too long ago with this old, grungy metal grate that my hubby was perplexed on why I actually spent money on a piece of "garbage".

repurposed grate

It wasn't pretty, I'll give him that, but it had this great, worn blue color to it and it kept catching my eye every time I walked by this vendor's tent. I knew I could repurpose it and unlike most of my decor purchases, I knew exactly what I would do with it and where I wanted to put it!

salvaged grate

I pictured it in Little B's bedroom as a cute industrial grate memo board!
It's part fun and part rough, and a little dirty; pretty much similar to how you would describe a boy! I think that's why I was so attracted to it and wanted it for his room.

industrial grate memo board

Industrial Grate Memo Board

Anyone who has kids, you know preschoolers collect and refuse to throw away random things. Old, worn out stickers, torn birthday cards, wings from a dead bug (speaking from experience on this one); I wanted him to have a space to display some of these things (okay, maybe not the dead bug wings) in an organized way instead of being arbitrarily scattered through out our home.

industrial boys room decor

To get the memo board started, I adorned it with some fun things I recently picked up at one of my favorite antique stores. Last time I visited they had this little set-up in the back of the shop with a general store feel to it. It was filled with an assortment of old time delights like vintage flashcards and show ribbons.

I couldn't pass up the animal sight word cards, they're so up B's alley! He loves anything to do with animals, especially predatory ones. Must be a boy thing! I just hole punched the corner of the cards and strung them on some twine and hung them on the grate.

industrial kids decor

The little license plate and award ribbons were also from there. The "Play" letters I picked up from Michael's a long time ago and stuck them to the grate with some scrapbook glue dots. Round magnets on the metal grate would obviously work better on holding things up, but I didn't have any on hand at the moment. As time goes on I look forward to seeing what kinds of things B would like to add to it!

I also plan on hanging the memo board on the wall eventually, rusty metal isn't exactly something I want the kid playing it! I'm currently storing it in our guest bedroom as I slowly work on changing out some of  B's wall decor, so once I figure out the rest of the decor plans, I'll bring it back into the room and hang it up.

diy memo board

So that's the tale of this piece of garbage!
Like I said, I know not everyone loves old, rusty things but I think this turned out grate!
Haha...see what I did there? Aww, I'm here all night folks. 

Painted Vintage Mirror

At the start of every new year, I attempt to get my house, life, and blog organized. I fail at about 98% of it, but it's the thought that counts, right? Or so they say....Anyways, I have a handful of projects I've been meaning to share, including this one about the painted vintage mirror we used in our blush pink nursery.

I think I've procrastinated on writing this post because this isn't some mind-blowing DIY transformation. I mean... I painted a mirror. That's it. Doesn't get much simpler than that. But I try to remind myself that not everyone is looking to take on Martha Stewart-level projects. I know in my current season of life, the lazier the project the better! Also, I LOVE  when other home decor folks share "before" and "afters", so with that being said let's talk about this mirror, dang it!

vintage mirror nursery

About a year and half before we found out we were pregnant again, I was wandering the aisles of Goodwill to waste some time on my lunch break, when a large box labeled "Oval Mirror" caught my eye. I was intrigued because I had it in my head that I wanted a vintage-looking oval mirror for an imaginary future powder room makeover. Please tell me I'm not the only one who buys and hoards things for future room makeovers that haven't even been planned or discussed?

So imagine my excitement when inside the box was an antique oval mirror!
Now imagine my excitement rising when I saw it was only $6! Never mind that it was a gaudy gold. That didn't stop me. It had potential. I couldn't get it into my trunk fast enough. I just knew it would be perfect for my make-believe powder room (haha!) 

painted vintage mirror

And in our basement it sat for almost two years.....

vintage gold mirror

Fast forward to the day we found out we were having a girl and you damn well know I was already designing a nursery in my head before the ultrasound tech even had time to clean me up. Right away I knew this mirror would be perfect for a girl's room!

So out came the paint and the paint brush and in less than thirty minutes I had a beautiful white vintage mirror for our baby girl's room!

painting a mirror

I used the same chalk paint as the one I used on her dresser (color is called Lace and it's by Vintage Market and Design) and I did the dry paint technique (dab your brush on a paper towel before applying) because I wanted some of the color of the gold to show through lightly. Basically I didn't want it to be stark white!

antique mirror girl nursery

Super happy with this $6 find! I stare at this mirror all the time during our night feedings daydreaming (night dreaming?) about her twirling around watching herself in it someday (I think we'll move it lower once she gets older). Something tells me we will get a lot of use out of it.

 I actually spotted the same exact mirror (but also painted) at a vintage/handmade market this summer and they were asking $60 for it! So I really do think I got a great deal! And that's the story of baby girl's beautiful mirror!

I still have a handful of nursery projects I need to share but let's not get too overzealous here, it's only 18 days into the new year! I wouldn't recognize myself if I was that on top of it. So stay tuned. I'll share them someday............