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Blush Pink Nursery Reveal

I'm so thrilled to finally get to share baby Brielle's nursery with you all today! Blush pink walls, a beaded chandelier, vintage decor, and a farmhouse ladder; it's seriously my favorite room in the house right now (not to mention the cleanest since the little munchkin isn't in her crib yet!) 

The icing on the cake is that I get to share our baby's room with you as part of a fun nursery tour with five other talented bloggers, so make sure to check out their beautiful rooms as well. Links to their spaces (along with a full source list for my nursery) are provided at the end of this post. 

Looking for nursery decorating ideas? Don't miss these inspiring nurseries, full of diy projects, incredible nursery sources, and beautiful nursery decor ideas.

Now on with the show!

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Blush Pink Nursery

The inspiration for her room color came from this gorgeous nursery on Country Living (I'm obsessed with that boy's room too!) It's called Intimate White by Sherwin Williams and I seriously photographed this room half a dozen times trying to capture the true beauty of this paint color but unfortunately, I'm afraid my pictures just don't do it justice. Trust me, in person, it's a delicious blush pink! You can say that about a paint color, right?

vintage dresser changing table

After months of searching, I finally hunted down this purrty antique dresser at a local furniture rehab shop. They had painted it a gorgeous navy blue (with weird lime green stripes on the side??) but the shape and style of the dresser was exactly what I had envisioned for a changing table, so I couldn't pass it up! Once I got it home, I painted it a color called Lace by Vintage Market and Design.

old dresser changing table

Above the changing table, I added some fun accessories like the swan head from Target and some framed florals from an old calendar. The girl figurine was given to me by my late grandmother before she passed away. She's kind of a hussey. The girl, not my grandmother! She can pop her top off and when she does she becomes a perfume bottle. Scandalous, right?

swan head wall mount

baby headband holder

antique dresser changing table

The beaded chandelier.....sigh, where do I start? I could write poetry about this thing! I think it was pretty obvious a few months ago when I shared a round-up of inspiring nurseries how smitten I was with this type of light fixture, considering almost every room had one!

beaded chandelier nursery

nursery chandelier

The crib was the same one we used for big brother. Last week I shared how I made the crib skirt out of a drop cloth. You can find the tutorial here (it's no-sew! YAY!) The blanket ladder and art frame were also DIY projects. More to come on those another day! The basket to the side of the crib is used for additional blanket storage.

Also, let me just state the obvious here, pillows in the crib are just for styling purposes not for when the baby sleeps in here! Okay, now that we have that covered let's move on, shall we?

wall decor above crib

farmhouse nursery

nursery pillows Target

DIY farmhouse ladder

The opposite side of the room houses the glider and her bookcase. I LOVE the little mint green chair I found a few months ago. It's a strange phenomenon but every time I leave an antique store a kid's vintage chair just manages to hop into my trunk. Weird, right?

nursery glider

nursery glider neutral color

spindle bookcase kids room

bunny nursery decor

baby shoes nursery decor

The wooden sign was custom made by Kindred Spirits and Company  and I am head over heels in love with it! I just briefly explained to Kally what I was looking for and it came out EXACTLY how I had envisioned. She is my sign hero! Seriously, if you're in the market for some wall signs make sure to check them out.

nursery wooden sign

nursery spindle bookcase

vintage doll chair girl's room

The sides of the closet are decked out with a a mix of accents, most of them vintage like the old doll high chair and the antique mirror that I found at Goodwill last year for just $6! It sat in my basement for a long time but as soon as I found out we were having a girl I just knew it belong in the nursery. It was originally a tacky gold color so I painted it white with chalk paint.

beaded chandelier nursery

vintage mirror nursery

antique mirror nursery

I also scored the pink gingham baskets at Goodwill as well. Aren't they cute? My MIL gave us the little storage bench and I thought it made for the perfect little reading spot for when Brielle gets a little older.

target doll girl's room

Well that's a wrap folks! Phew....sorry if anyone passed out. That was a lot of pictures! I can't wait to make memories in this room with my sweet little girl. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It seriously is like a ray of sunshine sitting at the end of our hallway (in it's previous life this room was a guest room/random storage space and we usually kept the door closed!) I'll be sharing before pics of this room in an upcoming posts because who doesn't love a good "before" and "after" makeover, right? So make sure to stay tuned!

blush pink paint color for girl nursery

baby and mommy in mirror

 I hope you enjoyed today's tour. Nursery sources are listed below and don't forget to swing by the other nurseries. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Nursery Source List 
I tried to gather as many sources as I could. If it's not mentioned, then it more than likely was an item that was an old purchase, thrifted or given to us.

Hobby Lobby: Blush Pink Pom Pom Pillow|Large White Wooden Initial | Retro Iron Wall Hooks (spray painted white)
Cotsco: Glider Chair
Home Goods: Small White mirror (on book case) 
World Market: Aqua Hairpin Clock
Hayneedle: Spindle Bookcase
Kindred Spirits and Company: " Field of Roses" Wood Sign
Lily Pad Printables: Pink Coral Floral Bouquet Wall Print (had seller enlarge)
Carousel Designs: Solid Pale Pink Crib Sheet (I also purchased these pink gingham sheets as well)
Crib Skirt: DIY tutorial here
Floral headband on little ladder: Elle and Oliver 

No-Sew Drop Cloth Crib Skirt

You want to know what words are magic to my ears? No-sew. Ah huh, best darn two little words EVER. Well, aside from "you're right" but you get the point, I really, really love me some no-sew projects and this DIY dropcloth crib skirt I made for our baby girl's nursery is no exception. You want to know my favorite part? Not a single stitch was required! You want to know my other favorite part? This whole project only cost me about $13 and took me less than thirty minutes to complete!

DIY crib skirt

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 
Please read my full disclosure policy for more information.

As with every room makeover, there's always a handful of decor items that I become obsessed with and just absolutely have to have. The nursery was no different. From the get go, I had my heart set on getting a linen crib skirt BUT quickly found they can be quite expensive. So I did what I always do in times like this, I turned to the all mighty Pinterest for DIY alternatives.

wall art above crib
My research quickly turned up quite a few drop cloth bed skirt tutorials. I've joked in the past that drop cloths are like the poor man's version of linen. I love using the material for all kinds of different projects like my kitchen wall art. It truly gives you that linen look for a lot less! The problem with most of the tutorials I found online involved a sewing machine, something I own but have yet to learn how to use (shh...let's not remind the husband).

how to make your own crib skirt

I was thisclose to just biting the bullet and purchasing a linen skirt (I figured I'd justify it by giving up some other "wants" in the room) when my friend, Kelly, from The Tattered Pew shared her daughters' newly made over room and guess what it included? No-sew drop cloth bed skirts! It's like the decor Gods were looking out for me.

If you're looking to create a drop cloth skirt for a bed that has a box spring, I highly suggest checking out Kelly's tutorial on how to achieve that. She also shares some great tips on how to get the bleach fringed skirt look, which is absolutely beautiful. Since the crib doesn't come with a box spring, I had to improvise a little bit. Check out the instructions below!

DIY drop cloth crib skirt

Materials Needed

*Drop cloth (I purchased this one here on Amazon because at that point of my pregnancy I had pretty much given up on going anywhere other than my couch)
*Measuring tape
*3 pieces of scrap wood cut to the length of the sides and front of your crib 

Instructions for making a no-sew drop cloth crib skirt

First, I measured the front and sides of my crib and cut three pieces of scrap wood to length (cutting the front piece slightly shorter to accommodate space for the side pieces). I opted to make a three-sided skirt since the back of the crib is up against the wall and will never be seen. Then I placed the wood in the crib on top of the mattress spring.

making a crib skirt tutorial

Next I had to figure out how much of the drop cloth would be needed in order to make my skirt.I opened up the drop cloth and laid it out in the crib and simply just eye balled where I wanted the skirt to hit the floor at (keeping in mind that as baby girl gets bigger and more adventurous the mattress will be lowered).  Then I measured the drop cloth both vertically and horizontally so I could have an idea of how much material I would need for the width and length of the skirt. 

Once I had my measurements I added a few more feet or inches to each number because I knew I would be gathering and pleating the skirt, therefore, I was going to need extra material. So for example, the measured width for the front of the crib was 4.25'. I added two more feet to make it 6.25'. Same thing for the length, from the floor to the mattress spring, it's about 11", but I added 9 more inches to make it 20'' total. It's always better to have more than to have less! 

DIY drop cloth projects

Once I had all the fun math done, I removed the drop cloth from the crib, laid it on the floor, and measured and carefully cut everything out. In the end, I was left with three crib panels; 2 for the sides and 1 for the front of the crib.

crib skirt measurements

For the final step, I took my upholstery gun and started pleating and stapling the drop cloth panels to the wood boards in the crib. I tried to make each of the folds as equal as possible, so in the end each of the ruffle pleats on the skirt would look somewhat uniform.

making a pleated crib skirt

how to make a crib skirt

And once I added the mattress back on the drop cloth panels looked like a nice and polished linen crib skirt! I seriously was in love. Still am!

drop cloth crib skirt

how to make your own crib skirt

I'm obsessed with how it helps give the room that simple and airy feel.
It's exactly the look I was going for!

drop cloth crib skirt DIY

So that's how I made a linen-inspired crib skirt without breaking the bank. This seriously was one of the easiest DIYs ever, something this tired pregnant mama appreciated at the time!
So have I made you a drop cloth fan yet?

You can read all about my nursery inspiration and mood board here.
 Stay tune for the full nursery reveal coming in July!
Interested in following my other decor shenanigans? I'd love to hang out with you on Instagram!

And then there were four....

Hey, friends, our baby girl is finally here! Brielle Fiona arrived June 6th at 7:27 am, weighing 7lbs, 1 oz. To say we're in love would be the understatement of the year!

floral baby swaddle headband set

Recovery from my c-section started off a little rougher than I anticipated thanks to a stomach bug I contracted two days before heading into the hospital. Unfortunately, it continued to haunt me through out our stay there. So needless to say, I've been laying low giving my body time to heal and then of course, there's the baby snuggles. I mean I wouldn't give those up for the world, so hope you'll stick around until I get back into the groove of things! I started photographing the nursery and can't wait to share it with you in a few weeks, along with a couple DIY tutorials I worked on for the room.

Pssst....I'm sure I'll share some early sneak peeks over on Instagram, so hope you'll come hang out. #GotToGoSniffMyBabyNow

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