DIY Home Fragrance {Repeat Post Because I Am Lazy & I Met a Man on Craig's List}

Sorry to interrupt our regular broadcasting with this blast from the past post but I spent the evening with a man I met on Craig's List last night. That's right, who knew I'd find my dream luva right there in the sales ads. Before you go & get all judgy-judgy on me I'm referring to the new {well, new to me} vintage sideboard I purchased for our little living room makeover. Eek! I love "him". I know the piece is a "he" based on the beat down he gave to the hubby. Poor guy he accompanies me on these Craig's List rendezvous just incase I meet up with some chester who decides to nap me & turn me into their very own life size doll {if you're a fan of Criminal Minds then you'll understand my paranoia cautiousness} & then he goes and pulls a muscle in his back. Talk about world's best played guilt trip {because really whose man likes to spend their evenings driving all around kingdom come{aka Chicagoland} tracking down some piece of furniture?}
So needless to say because I was too lazy busy last night to put together my Spark Plug Series for today you get to check out this repeat post. Actually, this was posted when I first started blogging and besides the two kind commenters I got I'm pretty sure only my mom saw it, so win-win this most likely is new to you!

It’s clear to see why the home fragrance industry reels in big bucks every year.  Who doesn’t love a good smelling home? Real estate experts even claim the smell of your la casa can increase or decrease the value of your property.  What can I say? We love our scents! I have to admit though it pains me to see how pricey candles and reed diffusers can be sometimes.  Plus, nowadays you hear so much about how these chemical-based air fresheners aren’t good for the earth or us anyways. The great news is making your own reed diffuser is so easy and you don’t have to go broke doing it!

Diffuser reeds {I found mine at Michael’s}
1 small container or vase
Essential oils from any local health food or craft store
½ cup of water
Vodka {Disclaimer: No crafts were harmed in the making of this project - as far as the crafter…. that’s another story}

Mix 4-5 drops of your essential oil into the half-cup of water. Add 2 drops of vodka to the water. The vodka serves as an emulsifier and helps keep the water and oil mixed.  Pour the mix into your container and add your reeds.  Similiar to the store bought diffusers it does take a few days for the reeds to absorb the oil and release its scent.  Flip reeds every now and then to refresh your fragrance.

The fun part about making your own reed diffuser is that there are a variety of scents you can create from essential oils by mixing and matching.  I happen to use a Bergamot and Yuzi Fruit oil found at Michael’s that is both citrus and summery. To top it off since I already had the vase at home this puppy only cost me $4 to put together and there’s still tons of leftover oil for future refills or extra diffusers for other rooms.

What's your favorite way to keep your home fresh and good smelling?

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Dara Wills said...

Oh my gosh, I totally know the episode of Criminal Minds you're talking about! That weirdo lady with the life sized dolls, all posed like they were in a tea party. Creepy much? Awesome idea for the home scents, too.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Yep, every time I watch Criminal Minds I'm afraid to leave the house! But I love this blast from the past post - I had no idea you could do this. Totally trying with all of the random essential oils I seem to be collecting/hoarding in the name of blogging.

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

I had to stop watching that show because I was going cah-razy. I love the idea of making my own fragrance, although I'm pretty sure my kids would knock it over and the house would smell too much:)


Unknown said...

I use air fresheners but I like the idea of making your own diffusers!

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