September's Crush of the Month: Burgundy Pants

Trends can be funny sometimes. My parents did a burgundy and hunter green living room makeover back in the 90's. I've spent the last 15 years trying to supress that memory. I never in my wildest dreams imagined one day I would be professing my love for burgundy pants to you all.
Seriously, what's next? Mom jeans?
Pair them with a black bazer. Pair them with fall booties. Pair them with a simple white top.
Dress them up. Dress them down.
Either way, they are my newest crush and like
 the Beiber fever of a preadolescent girl I'm crushing hard.
 So what's your crush of the month? Are you obsessing over fall clothes now?
Burgundy? Hunter green?
French fries? Mmmm.....french fries says the mind of a dieter.

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Katie said...

I worry about that too! seriously wonder what I'll think about my outfit posts a few years down the line! i want a pair of burgundy pants!

lily white english rose said...

i love this look especially the burgundy jeans paired with the leopard print boots, amazing :D

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

that is a bright colored pant that I might be able to do! And what is up with the burgundy rooms? We had to repaint the dark red dining room in our new house or I wouldn't live there. Seriously.

Clarissa said...

Burgundy jeans are the perfect color for fall! I think they would look great with a chambray shirt :)


Lauren said...

I actually purchased a pair of cranberry skinny jeans last spring, so I am so thankful that burgundy is such a big color this season!

Ashley said...

Yes!!! I am definitely loving these burgundy pants!

MYSAVIOR said...

I had burgandy velour bell bottoms in the 60's. They are still hanging in my closet cause my daughter is in love with them but, alas, neither one of us can fit into them. I was skinny back then.

jessica // union shore said...

loving this color lately!! i wanted a pair from H&M but they didn't have my size :(

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