Wicked Craft Week: Flying Bat Napkin Rings {Uncommon Designs}

EEK! It's "Wicked Craft Week" here on the bloggity-blog.
That's right. I recently held some of my favorite crafty peeps hostage in hopes that they would share some of their wicked creativeness with us. They agreed and because of their spooktacular talents we have one week full of some frightfully delightful Halloween inspiration!
And here for the opening act is the crafting genius duo, sister-in-laws Bonnie & Trish.
Trust me, there is never a dull moment with these gals.
Their blog is FULL of fun and adorable projects.

Take it away ladies!
Hi Delightfully Noted Readers! We are Bonnie and Trish from the craft blog, Uncommon Designs and we are just thrilled to be a part of Wicked Craft Week! October is just flying by and Halloween will be here before we know it!

Speaking of "flying", today we would LOVE to show you a very simple and quick tutorial for "FlyingBat" napkin rings...
These are super easy and absolutely adorable!

Here are the supplies you will need...

wooden bat cut-outs (mine came from Michaels)
heavy gauge floral wire (yep..Michaels)
smalls grapevine wreaths ( I got a set of 6 in the Christmas craft section in Hobby Lobby)
black feather boas (these were in the Halloween section of Hobby Lobby)
black spray paint
black chalkboard paint
That's it!! Oh, except for your trusty glue gun!!
Now, let's get started!!
Spray paint your grapevine wreaths and floral wire black. Next, spray paint your bat cutouts with the black chalkboard paint. Twist the floral wire around a pencil to form spirals!
Attach the spiraled floral wire to the wreaths, by weaving it through and pinching it closed. Make sure the wire is where you want the "top" of the napkin ring to be! Flatten out the top portion of the wire where you are about to attach the bat!
Ok..now take that feather boa off from around your neck, and cut a length long enough to be glued around the grapevine wreath. Be prepared to sneeze!! I used two boas for this project! Simply glue it around the wreath with your glue gun!
Finally, attach your bat to the floral wire with your trusty glue gun!! I know I use A LOT of glue...no judging !!
So..here is what the final product looks like with and without a napkin in it!!
Simply write on the bats with chalk to create your
 place cards and your dinner party is all set!!
Jennifer, Thanks so much for having us today! We would love for you to stop by and see us at Uncommon Designs! Happy Halloween!

Bats all folks! {C'mon....I had to do it!}
Thanks ladies! Super cute and of course I am just smitten with those chevron runners.
There's more boo-tastic projects coming your way so make sure to stop by tomorrow.
See you on the flip side.

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Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

These are ADORABLE! I am loving the table runners too. Great project idea--simple and sweet and very festive.


Katie said...

so fun!! i love the table decorations too!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Chevron runners? Feather-y candelabras and napkin rings! I LOVE THIS! I want to be friends with these ladies! ;)

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

Thanks for Having us Jennifer!!! ;)

Kimberly said...

I love that! So cute and easy! I want to have a Halloween party just so I can do that, lol!

Unknown said...

Very cute! They look so great on your table (love those chevron runners!)

Dee Dee @ TheSunshineMoms.com

mari of {crab+fish} said...

I love this! ...and I especially love the snowy white owl in the cloche jar --unexpected, but perfect halloween decor! I'm going to have to find me an owl now..................

Michelle Paige said...

Seriously adorable! Such a fun idea. I love everything the Uncommon sisters come up with! (Sorry I never got back to you--crazy stuff going on around here! Maybe next year?)

Alexa said...

Oh so cute! So excited for Halloween!

Unknown said...

Those are adorable! I want to go to that party!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute-the black, white orange theme is perfect wtih the napkin rings. Got to ask, where did the chvron table runners come from. They reeally look great with the rest.Maureen

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute-the black, white orange theme is perfect wtih the napkin rings. Got to ask, where did the chvron table runners come from. They reeally look great with the rest.Maureen

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