Strawberry Printable Pillow Box:Teacher's Appreciation Gift

Holy cannoli! Can you believe this month will mark my third year of blogging?
Over the course of the past few years I've created my fair share of printables but I have to say today's freebie takes the cake--or shall I say shortcake?

I am so excited to share these cute Strawberry Printable Boxes with you!
Printable Strawberry Box Teacher Gift

What a sweet way to package up your Teacher Appreciation Gifts, right?
The boxes are the perfect size for a gift card, candy, jewelry, or perhaps a small flask.
Yes, a flask. How else do you expect to win PTA president?

Printable Strawberry Box for Teacher Gift

Card Stock 
Glue Gun 
Scrapbooking Adhesive Squares or Glue Dots
Green Buttons or Brads (for the center of the leaf)
Strawberry Box Template (download here)
Leaf Templates & "Berry Glad You're My Teacher" Labels (download here)

After printing and cutting your box template it is time to assemble it.
There are faint dotted lines that will print on your card stock to show you where you need to make your folds and creases at. I included a picture tutorial below to show you the order in which I assembled my boxes. I found it was easier to fold and crease the flap along the edge first, then fold the box in half and apply glue. Once the glue has dried fold in the almond-shaped flap on ONE end of the box only and adhere that side down with glue as well. Then after slipping in your teacher's gift on the other end fold down that flap.  I recommend gluing this side down with adhesive tape or glue dots to make for easier access later.
Now you have a strawberry patterned pillow box!

Next you will need to print and cut your leaves. Adhere the larger leaf first to the top of your box and then glue down the smaller leaf on top of it. I wanted to embellish my leaves with something cute in the center so when I stumbled upon these polka-dot brads in the bottom of my craft closet that I have had FOREVER I knew they would be perfect!
A green button would be super cute too.

For the final step, you just need to cut out and add your "Berry Glad You're My Teacher" tags.

I am as pleased as strawberry punch in how they turned out! I really challenged myself to think out side of the box (ha! no pun intended!) when creating this year's Teacher Appreciation printable for you. I hope you enjoyed this little box tutorial!

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Crystelle Boutique said...

What an adorable box! So perfect for this time of year. I love the cheerful bright colors...
Wishing you a happy Tuesday!! :)
“hugs” Crystelle
Crystelle Boutique

henning love said...

congrats on your 3 years of blogging and providing us many craft ideas and printables and of course cute photos of your little man

Unknown said...

So Cute and congratulations on three years of blogging :)

Michelle Paige said...

I love this idea! So precious, and the giant dotted brads are perfection!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

This is so cute!! Congrats on three years! :)

Katie said...

this is so cute!! maybe the only thing i'm missing about teaching these days :)

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