Meet Pearl: Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Meet Pearl. She's another rescue I brought home a few months ago.
Other than a few bruises and scratches, she was in fairly good shape. 
All she needed was a little TLC.

In case you're wondering, Pearl's the dresser NOT the
diabolical (hubby's words, not mine) deer head.
She was a fabulous find a few months ago on Craigslist.
I loved her quaint feet and charming beaded details like this.

The woman was asking forty for her and I bargained her down to thirty;
a negotiation I'm rather proud of. It may be a sign that the my Craigslist curse is over!
What's this curse I speak of?
Typically, my Craigslist encounters go a bit like this:

Me: "Hi, I'm really interested in the Nigerian dwarf goat herd you have listed for $75! 
Would you take $70 for them?"
Seller: "Great! Sure, we'll take $70."
Me: "Terrific! When can we come pick them up?"
24 hours later
Me: "Hi! Just in case you missed my last message. 
I'm sill interested in the dwarf goats and would love to take them off your hands tonight!"
24 hours later.....still more silence.

I'm not kidding people, it happens EVERY.SINGLE. TIME.  
As if that's not baffling enough ( yeah, I see you there scratching your head, thinking "Gee, Jen, this is really baffling!), for every single time I've been blatantly ignored while trying to close a deal on the CL, I  just end up bribing my hubby to impersonate a new a buyer and to contact them, and doggone it not only do they promptly respond to his inquiry, he talks them down in price even farther! 
Obvi, I'm all "Muahaha....jokes on you, suckers!" BUT seriously, what gives?
Okay, okay I digress. How rude of me, back to Pearl.

I knew right away I wanted Pearl's new home to be in our front entry way.
I also knew that I've been binging on greys and neutrals lately, and that I needed to add some color to her.

Soooooo.....say "hellooooooooo"to the new and improved Pearl.
Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

I know you guys may not believe this but I promise I REALLY did consider painting Pearl a color other than blue.Cross my heart, hope to die. I swear that's the truth
 (just like a true AQUAholic, right?)

The color is called Eucalyptus and it's from Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor chalk paint line. So far I've only seen it at Michaels or on Amazon.

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

This was actually the first time I used chalk paint for a project.
Chalk paint, not to be confused with chalkboard paint, is a favorite among furniture rehabbers/bloggers/wannabe ballers/shot callers.
Did I really think it was all it's cracked up to be?
I plan on posting about my thoughts on it soon.
In the mean time, if anyone else has used it I'd love to know what you think about it?!
Pros? Cons? Yays? Nays?

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

As every girl knows, accessories can really take things up a notch.
Pearl got some new bling thanks to these pretty vintage-inspired glass knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

Someone else really liked them too.

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

 We're actually planning on planking some of the walls in here.
If I had it my way, this whole house would be planked. Seriously, I'm obsessed. 
I blame Chip and JoJo.

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

Dresser Makeover With Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint

This entry way has a little ways to go, but at least I don't fear the doorbell now!
"Hello, Mr. wanna- sell-me-a new-alarm guy, I see you checking out my drawers".
For crying out loud, I mean the dresser drawers people. Get your mind out of the gutter!

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Our Pinteresting Family said...

It turned out amazing. So glad CL worked out this time. A planked wall would look perfect there.

Jenny said...

Haha!! The last line got me. :) OK, that is REALLY strange about the Craigslist sellers. What's up with that? Weird. I thought the before picture of Pearl was the after. Then I saw the after, and now I like her even more! I didn't know Martha Stewart had a line of chalk paint. I've used Annie Sloan, and I'm not really a fan. I feel a little bad saying that because my local stockists are friends of mine, and it is really hard to not like the paint that your sweet friends are in love with. But... it just didn't perform. The paint itself was awesome to paint with. BUT, the wax was killer and just didn't have a durable finish. It keeps distressing forever and anything with grease that gets set down on it leaves a greasy spot that won't come off (outline of a paper cup of BBQ sauce and the fingerprints to go with it is what I have on the little table top I painted and waxed). I also tried it on my kitchen cabinets, and ended up painted over it all. Anyway... I think it could be great for something like a dresser or occasional table that is mostly for looks, but I would not use it on a table top again. I really like the look of painted body and wood stained top, so if I were to use chalk paint again, that's probably what I would do. Anyway, your little dresser is super cute! :)

Michelle Paige said...

Your CL experiences are just like mine-- so frustrating! Love Pearl's color, how could you go with anything else?

Unknown said...

I name my makeovers too! 😂 So glad to find kindred hearts!

DIYbyDesign said...

You did an amazing job. I love the new color! I will be featuring this tonight at my Sizzle into Summer party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

Alia Cherry said...

Haha! Your writing style is genius! Thanks for sharing.

Virginia said...

Love your makeover!! great color and hardware!

Sweetpea91710 said...

Pearl turned out beautiful! My question: where did you get that great flamingo print?!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

A few of you asked about the flamingo print and unfortunately I can't respond directly back to you because your emails aren't registered! If you happen to swing back through the print is from Hobby Lobby!

The Striped Pearl said...

So glad I saw this! I have been looking for a perfect mix of mint green / aqua / turquoise chalk paint for a project I pulled out of my neighbor's trash. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on using chalk paint. I have never used it. Great job!

Amy said...

I got the same "hello" sign for my entry and painted IT that wonderful Aqua color. Love your dresser makeover!

Mrs. Nali B said...

i absolutely love your post and your writing! i would love to do my daughters dresser and was wondering how much of the paint you needed to adequately cover the dresser. Our dresser is about the same size but its dark brown so i might need to prime it .

Monica Lynn said...

I have the exact same dresser! Haven't painted it yet. Plan to use in entry also! Hubby was working doing some reno work at a hotel- they were changing out furniture and they gave him a couple dressers!!! Score! I've chalk painted one bright yellow with mercury glass handles fm Hobby Lobby - using as a "bar cabinet"! You've inspired me to get busy on the next. Great color.

Anonymous said...

Your dresser turned out gorgeous! I want to rehab an old dresser of mine and turn it into a coffee bar and this would be the perfect color! How much paint did you need for this project? Also, what kind of primer and/or top coat, if any, did you use? Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

What is the blue color?

I'd love to hear from you!