The Potting Bench Makeover & a Peek at Little B's Birthday Party

I hope everyone enjoyed the mystery challenge last week!

In the midst of coordinating all of the challenge shenanigans, 
we also celebrated Little B's 2nd birthday.
The good news is I only managed to have one breakdown last week....okay, maybe two. 
Or was it three? Jiminy crickets, people, who's counting?
I guess I should say the real good, good news is we had fun and we are blessed that so many people love our little guy as much as we do. You know who else is blessed? 
Tipsy Tina; she got a new DIY potting bench makeover!

old potting bench

potting bench old

Well, I'm happy to say after a new pair of legs (two pairs to be exact)..............

potting bench table

a bleach bath, and some paint and stain she is looking as good as new!

potting bench serving station

Cue the cat calls!
Tina, girl, you are smokin' hot!
I mean like literally.............
 it was like 105 degrees or something here the other day....or at least it felt like that.
But for real, I'm a smitten kitten over this makeover!

potting bench makeover

The top and base received a coat of Sherwin Williams Anonymous Grey color.
It's like a muddy grey and I'm rapturously in love with it.
This just may be my new go-to color for furniture makeovers 
(at least the ones that I'm not painting blue...ahem)
We actually had Home Depot color-match it into an exterior paint, so that Tipsy Tina can withstand the outside elements better then in her previous life.

The tabletop part of Tina received three coats of Miniwax's Golden Pecan stain.

Potting Bench Painted

potting bench makeover

I debated for a long time on if I should just paint her all one color or if I should make her two tone (at that time I was thinking of painting her mostly grey and then the tabletop white).
I turned for help over on Instagram and a lot of people voted for the two tone white/grey option.
I finished Tina's makeover the day before the party, so I was scrambling for ideas and at the last minute I had a light bulb moment and decided to stain her tabletop instead of painting it.
 I'm so glad I trusted my gut and went with it. 

outdoor serving station

Despite my lack of gardening skills, I always thought it would be neat to have a potting bench.
I just never placed it at the top of our list for "furniture needs".
One would think kitchen chairs are probably a bit more important to have around.
So in that case, I'm rather excited that we scored her second-hand for only $30 bucks, even if she was on the brink of death. It didn't cost us much more to bring her back to life (especially considering I already had the stain on hand from that one farmhouse table debacle).

She served us well for the party and now I'm dreaming up different ways to decorate her for the rest of summer and into fall (just imagine an array of colored pumpkins displayed on her!)

Just for sharts and giggles, let's take one more look at her "before" pic.

(Insert sad face emoji)

"Before" Potting Bench Picture

(Insert happy-jumping-up-and-down-out-of-my-mind emoji face)

Sherwin Williams Anonymous Grey

I'll be sharing more party pics and decor details soon. 
In the mean time, you can check out the Doxie birthday party we threw last year.
I mean a party we threw for the kid, not the dogs....although I'm sure they would like that.

Now I need to get back to gazing lovingly at this babe.

Multi-Use Outdoor Furniture: Old, Beat-Up Potting Bench Turned Party Serving Station | Paint Color-Anonymous Grey and Stain Color is Golden Pecan | Delightfully Noted #miniwax #sherwinwilliams

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jennifer ~ I'm visiting from the Talented Tuesday Link Party. I ADORE this makeover! And the way you styled this spiffed up potting bench?! Awesome! So, so cute! I'm pinning it in case I find something similar. Thanks for sharing!

Falon said...

I love this idea! I'm not a gardener either so I don't think I would naturally buy something like this, but I love the repurposing of it! Thanks for sharing!

collettakay said...

I love it! One more thing to add to my wishlist :)

I hope you can stop by:


AJ @ Aspen Jay said...

Hi Jennifer!
LOVE this makeover! I love hosting parties so this bench is absolutely perfect, not to mention the paint job you gave it made it look a whole lot better. Now I need to go find one of these! *Pinned of course!
Aspen Jay

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