10 Creative Christmas Card Display Ideas

Sigh....the exchanging of Christmas cards, it's one of my favorite holiday traditions! I know what you're thinking. We're seeing less and less cards every year too. Dang social media! Or maybe I'm just becoming increasingly unpopular over the years? Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy the handful of greeting cards we do receive and love finding different ways to display them through out the holiday season.  I've been gathering inspiration over on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to share all the different creative Christmas card display ideas I've come across.

different ways to display christmas cards

Check out these fun ways to display your Christmas 
greetings through out your home this holiday season!

decorate tree with Christmas cards

Christmas card display ladder

christmas card display ideas

Old Window Christmas Card Holders

display christmas cards on shelf

ribbon christmas card holder

tobacco basket card display

christmas card display on vintage sled

christmas card holder ideas

door way card display for christmas

Which one is your favorite? I'm curious to hear how you display your holiday cards! My mom use to tie ours to the banister when we were growing up. I have a nifty card holder tree to show off ours. It's not very creative but it makes for a simple and organized system AND lord knows I need all the simplicity I can get these days! This year I'd like to try something new!

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