Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls

It's hard to believe that we're only two weeks away from one of the biggest shopping days of the year! Today I'm sharing my gift guide for toddler girls. Little ones are typically easy to shop for (I mean have you seen the joy a decorated band-aid brings a 2 year old? 🤣) but if you're anything like me and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of crap (I mean stuff) that has taken over your home, then I know you'll be looking for presents that will stand the test of time. We own pretty much 90% of the items in today's guide and these have been the most-used, favorite items to date!

what to buy a 1 or 2 year old girl

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These age-appropriate purse styles from Stephen Joseph are my fave. Great for holding snacks and little toys to keep them busy on errand runs too.

I joke all the time that it's ridiculous that my daughter owns a pair of Hunter boots before me BUT these have possibly been her our most worn shoes to date AND they still look like they're brand new. Keep your eyes peeled for deals during the holidays. Nordstrom will sometimes drop them to around $30.

The benefits to doing puzzles in early childhood are endless. Even more fun when it's their own name! You can also score these personalized name puzzles on Amazon.

This ice cream cart is a hit even with my 6 year old's friends. Every time we have playdates, this toy gets a lot of attention.

LEGOS are one of the few toys that can distract my kids for a LONG time. Thank you, LEGOS!

A classic! My little one loves riding her bikes and tricycles.

Next to LEGOS, playing with play-doh is another activity that keeps both of  my kids busy for quite some time.

I try to take full advantage of this magical age where they want to help you clean all of the time! My 2 year old runs for her Dyson every time she sees me getting ready to vacuum. It has real suction too!

I know every kids' sleep habits are different but we couldn't live with out this little guy! If you're toddler likes a little music and a little night light as she drifts off to lala land, this toy will fit the bill.

Got a little lady on your Christmas shopping list this year? I hope this helped give you some ideas!

A few weeks ago I shared some gift ideas for the decor-obsessed. If you have an HGTV-loving sister-in-law or BFF who spends the majority of her life at Home Goods, you may want to check it out. Heck, it may even give you ideas for your own wish list!

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