Best Amazon Organization Finds: Cleaning to Cope

Friends, it's clear were in uncharted waters. The world looks very different today than it did 3 weeks ago. How do we cope? Personally, I find cleaning, organizing, and decorating as great ways to alleviate stress. There's science out there to back me up on this. Research shows there's a connection between an orderly house and decreased anxiety. But heck, you don't need to spend billions on scientific investigations to prove that to me! Just ask my family how much of a nicer human being I am when our house isn't a disaster. The number of times I lose my ish drops significantly when my environment is tidy and clutter-free. 

Like many of you, I want to feel like I'm in control of something right now, so I'm trying to make the best of this time home by knocking out a few things on my to-do list. I've gathered up some of the best organizational finds on Amazon, since that seems to be our go-to source for household items at this time. I know many of us are now juggling homeschooling, work, and so on. Our household needs are all different at this time, so whether you knock out 1 closet or 10, just know when it comes to our mental health, every little bit can help!
Cleaning and Organizing to Cope: Amazon Organizational Finds

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My label maker is hands down one of my favorite organizational tools. A matter fact, just last week I shared over on my Facebook page our linen closet that I cleaned out the first day of our "social distancing", and how I labeled all of our medicines and toiletries. The labels are nothing fancy, but honestly I've learned over the years the more complicated I plan things in my head the more likely I am to never get to the project. Easy is the name of the game thesedays!

These storage bags were another happy purchase I made a few months ago. Some how over the course of a year, our comfoter collection started multiplying like bunnies. I couldn't believe how much you could fit in these bags. I managed to fit multiple comforters in one single bag. They're great for storing out of season clothes as well.

Next up on my Coronavirus To-Do list is to oranize my drawers. My bras and underwear drawer is out of control! Ha! This organizer is currently on it's way to me. I've never been great about displaying my kids' artwork (I can't stand paper clutter) but I think part of it is because I don't really have a great place to hang their drawings and such. This wooden display sign looks like an adorable solution. Also, how stylish and cute is this tea box? I've been on a major tea kick lately so this keeps calling my name.

You can check out and shop the rest of my favorites below. To view the items, just simply click the pictures. Stay healthy, friends! 

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