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February 2, 2023

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11 Tips from My Favorite Decorators to Hosting a Hassle-Free Holiday!

Friends,the holidays are upon us! Take a deep breath. Sigh....This season can be especially overwhelming if you plan on opening your doors to friends and family for holiday gatherings. Like most of you, I'm always looking for ways to tone down the stress, so I decided to pick the brains of some of my favorite decor pals to see how they set the stage for the holidays. Unfortunately, none of them recommended ditching Thanksgiving or Christmas and running off to Hawaii but boy did they provide some super helpful tips. Consider this your mini guide to helping you host a more hassle-free holiday!

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My number one tip for hosting friends and family for holiday meals is to let others help. Most people ask if they can bring anything and I always say yes! And if they don't, I ask them. I have them bring the sides, drinks and desserts and then all I have to do is prepare the main course and get the house cleaned. This takes a lot off my plate as the hostess and gives those attending an opportunity to feel helpful. It's a win-win in my book!-Kelly, The Tattered Pew
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About a month or so before the holidays, I like to hang onto empty food jars instead of tossing them into the garbage. Any jar will do whether it's from sauces or mixes. They are perfect to reuse for gift giving! Fill them with hot chocolate mixes, k-cups, cookie recipes, or even just candy. Top them with cute gift tags or pair them with other items to make little gift sets. It's a great way to recycle and save cash!-Jen, My Purposed Place
I usually have a favorite dish I bring to parties or make when I'm hostessing. I make sure to print out the recipe on a festive holiday card or cardstock and place it next to the dish. People love it (plus if you're hosting you won't have to stop in the middle of the hustle and bustle to tell everyone how to make it!) If by the end of the gathering, all of the recipe cards are gone, then I know it's a hit!-Rochelle, Turquoise Lifestyle

Red and white ornaments Christmas tree

Turquoise Lifestyle

I love to have fresh flowers around the house, especially when entertaining. Alstroemerias are my go to flower for having on hand. They are cheap ($4 for 6 stems at my local grocery store), last at least two weeks, and come in lots of colors. I buy several bunches in similar shades and put them in mason jars around the house. You can do this a week or so before your guests arrive to get it out of the way and they'll still look beautiful once everyone arrives!-Jordan, A Blue Nest
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I like to stock up on inexpensive food containers before our holiday dinner, that way I can easily send leftovers home with our guest and not be worried about whether or not my good bowls or Tupperware make their way back to me!-Jennifer, Delightfully Noted
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My most important holiday tip is to sit down and make a list of all the things you need to do and purchase. Writing things down really eases your mind and allows you to feel prepared. I also write down what days I'm going to do what leading up to the gathering (i.e. setting the table, cleaning spaces, etc..). This helps me from feeling like I'm trying to cram everything in last minute and allows me to relax and to enjoy my time!-Rachel, The Porch Light Cottage (Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest)

To Do List Planner Printable

I do a lot of baking during the holiday season and make up small trays to keep handy for when unexpected guest might come to the door. All leftover cookies and candy gets put out on a big tray during Christmas Eve dinner. I have cute food bags for my guests to be able to package up the goodies and take home with them.-Lindy, Paper, Paint, and Pine
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I keep a running list of gift ideas! Any time I hear someone mention they like something, I write it down and snap a picture of it on my phone. This comes in handy at stores when ever one of my kids asks for something, they typically won't fight me if I tell them it's going on the list and I snap a picture of it. By the time I'm ready to start Christmas shopping, I have plenty of ideas!-Lynde, Sequoia Lane
When creating centerpieces for your holiday table, consider incorporating fruit into a floral arrangement. This is a simple and less expensive way to decorate and it still looks incredibly gorgeous! For our Thanksgiving arrangement, I mixed sunflowers, pomegranates, and cranberries and made them into a colorful centerpiece.-Marci, Lemons to Lovelys
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Fruit and flower centerpiece for fall

I have a large family including two teenagers and 4 adult married kids, so to keep meals simple and to help with scheduling conflicts, we do brunch instead of holiday dinners. Also, with so many food allergies and aversions in our brood, I cook one large egg casserole, and then each family brings something to share that works with their own sensitivities (vegetarian, gluten and/or dairy-free, etc). I also keep the hot cocoa and coffee bar flowing! -Cindy, A Cottage Girl
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Set the table a day in advance so that you are not rushing trying to put everything together last minute. On both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I try to use natural elements such as pinecones, leaves (natural or faux) and season appropriate flowers. I try to keep the centerpiece small and low so as not to interfere with conversation during the meal and occupy real estate reserved for food.-Ellen, Ellen Bliss Home
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Fall tablescape with natural decorators

Ellen Bliss Home
So there you have it! Small steps you can take to lower your blood pressure this holiday season. Hopefully you found these tips super helpful! I know there's a few I plan on implementing this year. Cheers to being our merriest!

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