How to Hang a Wreath on an Old Window

In case you couldn't tell I love to hang wreaths from my old window I have displayed in our entry way. Besides the color paint on the dresser (Eucalyptus), and how I hung the knobs on my wall (got that for you right here ) the other most frequently asked question I get asked about this space is how I hang the wreaths on the window with out any visible hooks or hangers?

how to hang a wreath on an old window

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I honestly never put much thought into my wreath hanging process but sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap believing that everyone wants the big questions answered (like to how lay tile? Or how do I get my 3 year old to stop holding his pee for 8 hours?), when in reality sometimes we just have simple, random questions that we want answered too, right?

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So today I just want to hop on and share what technique I use for hanging my wreath on our eight pane window. Of course, if you don't mind a wreath hanger being visible there's always that option. There are also large suction cup wreath hooks that some people prefer to use, personally I've never had any luck with those. In my experience, they fall off in the middle night causing a ruckus knocking down decor and scaring the poo out of everyone in the family. Not that I would know anything about that. 

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How to Hang a Wreath on an Old Window Without Any Visible Hooks or Hangers

So my wreath hanging process involves two items; metal hook eye screws and invisible beading cord (or also fish line). Both items are fairly inexpensive, and you may even already have them hanging around your house.

Metal Hook Eye Screws to hang wreaths

I simply just screwed the hook eye screws into the back of my window. Then every time I go to change out the wreath (usually at the start of a new season) I bring out the ol' measuring tape.

how to hang wreaths

First I measure the back of the window, from the hook to the top of the window.
Secondly, I turn the window around and eye ball where I'd like my wreath to lay, then I measure from the top down to where I want my wreath.  Add those two numbers together and that equals the amount of fishing line/beading string you need. After you cut your string, just simply loop it through your wreath, drape it over your window, tie a knot and hang it on the hook screw.

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Pretty simple, right? The best part is unless your standing really close, no one ever notices the fishing line. It's like the wreath is just magically hovering! This not only works on windows. I've done this before with mirrors, old shutters, etc....

wreath on old shutter

The only catch is I've only done this with items that I'm leaning against the wall, never with a mirror or window that's actually hung on a wall. I assume this technique could keep your mirror, window from sitting flat against the wall but then you can always consider putting the eye hook screw on the top of window or mirror (if it's small enough or hung high enough, no one will notice!)

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Hope you enjoyed this fun tid bit! Now go hang some wreaths!


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Unknown said...

I have had good luck using a 3M command hook, attached upside down. They make really small, clear ones (designed for twinkle lights, I think.) that don't stick out very far at all and (bonus!) are easily removed or repositioned.

Christy said...

Thank you for this tip!

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